The very Catalan Victoria Federica of Vielha, an unheard-of portrait of the Bourbons

The very Catalan Victoria Federica of Vielha, an unheard-of portrait of the Bourbons

Victoria Federica There is nothing wrong with having parties and trips non-stop. Photo calls And friends isn't bad for a 23-year-old who doesn't have a college degree or a 40-hour-a-week job. What he has is a last name Bourbona kind of master key that opens one's doors Rich nepobaby life. He knows how to get the most out of it, in this matter he applies it strongly. I've become quite the expert. first You.

first Or lifeNow we don't quite know which intervention to choose. Because she is Spanish a lot Spanish, as dictated by family tradition. Especially among his closest relatives, such as Mother Elena or Brother Froilan. Not that they are patriotic, but VOX is often left to their left. But something's going on with her, and she's getting confused…or changing her path. It has been passed to the enemy, to the Catalan side. At the end of 2023, the shift became more evident. Oh love, oh, attitudes.

Joan Carles, Elena, Victoria Federica, Froilan/J. Teres

Victoria arrived a few days ago Baqueira Beart, on his favorite ski slopes Luxurious The Spanish royal family. Overnight into the famous and controversial La Pleta House, the apartment that a group of businessmen gave to the Crown so that they could enjoy sports and snow without having to pay, what a surprise, not even half a cent. The use of the house has caused great internal conflicts: we all remember that escape of Iñaki Urdangarin with Ainhoa ​​Armentia and what it caused: Felipe's anger and his immediate transition to the Desokupa style. It is very likely that Vic has met some of Roulettes The Catalans who steal his heart: the unionist model Alex Ricourt Or pilot Albert Arenas. We bet more on the first than the second, even though we have no evidence of the meeting. But what we have is another document.

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La Pleta, Baqueira/Google

Victoria Federica and Albert Arenas/GTRES

One that leaves you with eyes like oranges: it is unmistakable evidence of the dangerous approach that Bourbon took to… Traditions Catalan It turns out that the young woman, after enjoying the snow, went with the gang to Philia, 25 kilometers away. After touring the capital of the Aran Valley, they entered one of them restaurant It's called garlic and oil. What did he do there? Wear underwear Printing was unheard of. We'll give his style a 5 – he's good with gloves, but the apron seems excessive. Of course he doesn't want to wear too much clothing. Now, we give it a 10 in one section: linguistic. You wrote correctly Panties“In CatalanEven the location of the image respects the language. Queen, what's wrong? Rest assured they'll be biting into your toast at home…and in your house The dirt, which we already know on which foot. And the four bars wouldn't be very good. Anyway, welcome to the real world.

Victoria Federica takes off her underwear/Instagram
Calcutts Vic/Instagram
Victoria Federica in Philia/Instagram

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