Leo Gassmann and the harassed girl: “I helped her, I couldn’t ignore her.” She: “You saved me” – Corriere.it

Leo Gassmann and the harassed girl: “I helped her, I couldn’t ignore her.”  She: “You saved me” – Corriere.it
from Fulvio Viano and Rinaldo Fernani

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter rescued an American girl who was fleeing her attacker last night: “I’ll never forget her screams, but I’m no hero.” Namely: “I was desperate, that boy saved me.”

Rome This news comes almost in real time from his story on social media: “Last night, me and some bystanders rescued an American girl who had been abused by a boy of French descent shortly before.” Leo Jasman’s words Which between Friday and Saturday helped rescue a sexual assault victim.
‘As soon as I heard the screaming–it is a continuation of his story–I approached and asked for the hand of two boys who were passing by, but the French boy had already fled. We called the police and an ambulance took the girl for questioning.”

Then a call from Alessandro Gassman’s 23-year-old son and grandson of Vittorio on the wave of experience he just went through: “If you come across situations like this, never hold back. Dr..
We humans have a duty to help our brothers and sisters Even if it is severe, even if it is frightening.” Police investigations have better drawn the picture of what happened. It is 3.50 when in Via Portonaccio, the first eastern suburbs of Rome, an area crowded with clubs until dawn, Gassmann notices a girl running desperately down the street while calling for help. The Young singer and songwriterWinner of the 2020 Sanremo Youth Award and an esteemed competitor in the x factor From the previous year he did not hesitate to help her.

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Payroll Agents They collected the first version of the victim, a 29-year-old student from Pennsylvania, in Italy for study leave, looking shaky and disoriented. She says she was harassed in a taxi, she is unsuspecting and taken to Umberto’s first clinic, from which they are taken out a few hours later. In addition to fear, he did not report any consequences. After overcoming the shock, she knew how to be more punctual with clients: “I was on the bus home after a friend’s party, I was drinking and had no clear memories, but that guy approached me, looked at me and put my hand on my leg. I immediately softened his intentions. I had never seen him before, it lasted a few moments and I ran away as fast as I could. I was screaming in despair, I tried to hide and then I went down the street and that boy came to help me. I was crying, so they immediately consoled me and asked others for help. Meanwhile, whoever attacked me fled.” The man’s searches are in progress, you did not file a complaint.

“I’ll never forget this girl’s screams,” adds Gassmann, whose story meanwhile has taken a social media tour of appreciation and sharing. “I’m not a hero, I just did what was right – His comment -. Many of you have stories to tell. Helping others should be a priority for every human being. If you happen to find a girl or boy in trouble on the street, do not turn your back on him. There is a lot of evil in this world but that is because beautiful things are fragile and have to be dealt with day in and day out. There are many good people on this planet. Let us appreciate them, let us protect them. Together we can make a difference. The future is in our hands. We can choose to plunge into darkness or live in search of nourished light whenever we act in the right way.” Among the comments that were also appreciated by followers. Full of pride from his father Alessandrowhich also links to the article Corriere He writes: “I am a lucky father. My great love, I am proud of you.”

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