Serious disrespect against Giucas Casella, it threatens production

In these hours, Giucas Casella resented the treatment with which he was kept by the production of GF Vip and threatened the authors.

Geocas Casilla [Screenshot GF Vip]

Since the beginning of the Big Brother Vip Geocas Casilla Sure, he wasn’t a much talked about VIP – Alex Bailey and Sulay Sorge still take precedence – but he’s established himself as one of the most extravagant. Between the extreme anecdotes and a flamboyant attitude, Givino actually entertained the audience of the reality show.

But in these hours something also went wrong with him; In fact, he didn’t seem to like the treatment the show’s authors kept for him The latter threatened to strike.

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Giucas Casella, repays the error he suffered by striking

Geocas Casilla
Geocas Casilla [Screenshot GF Vip]

It seems that this morning the authors big brother vip managed to change Geocas CasillaWho responded to the dangerous insolence with a real threat. According to Mirjana Trevisan this morning, the prankster got up with the moon set aside and because of the treatment the production gave him.

In fact, showgirl Sully Sorge told Jukas that Jukas was pissed off this morning Because of the cigarettes the authors sent him at home. In short, Casella was going to order a certain brand but another that came from production.

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In response, the man first got angry and then threatened a strike. How do? Refusing to go to confession:I’m on strike today“I’m not going to confession,” said the sorcerer confidently. Will the state of emergency end? Will he be able to get what he wants? Unfortunately, this point remains a mystery.

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