Men and women: Shea’s opinion in episode 18/02/22

Small service question: But only today I got hit when Gemma GalganiI looked straight into the room, and cried,What do you clap!Who does it seem to be addressing me?

No, for actually at that moment I was laughing at her sadly scrambling over the mirrors as usual. Of course she was pissed off at having a random knight sitting directly under the camera, but for a moment I felt like I got my hands stuck in an annoyance jam.

It’s part of a chain, after all. I laughed while looking at her GalganiAnd she laughed, looking at that unfortunate Antonio. But she was laughing in his face, an overwhelming hysterical laughter from woman Grandma is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The Karma Effect Twelve Years Later (Oops, but she doesn’t want to be taken into account, poor one!) jimonaHe repaid her by giving her a so talkative man.”I couldn’t even say half a word, it was a soliloquy“.

Entire Episodes Monopolized by Innovative Hipsters, Spent a Life Interrupting Anyone in Front of Him Like His Bullshit Was More Important, Now Think About It Antonio To make her feel what you feel when she is constantly overwhelmed by conversation. And thank you he wasn’t rude or arrogant, not a tenth of what you normally are.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I think that someone succeeded in making her shut up the scene! What lust when he took his leave saying if after all this time he was still on the air.”The result is that you may not want anyone to know!“.

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What jewel We all knew this guy didn’t care about a bat as soon as he peeked behind the scenes, so trying to turn the omelette was useless. How pointless it was to go out just to give the sop and bribe to the editorial staff, since the ending had already been guessed by Mo.

Fortunately—when she was trying to argue that if the conversation had been more stimulating, things would have gone differently between them—he thought about it. Gianni Sperti To remind her that when she loves someone, like this poor man Maximilianthe conversation does not bother us, on the contrary.

Ah, talk about Maximilianbut the Galgani She also became an author, expecting them to tell her what he did Nadia Marsala under the blankets? “I was curious to know, since they always remain so superficial, how things are, if they kiss, if they make love…“. oases?

But not to mention if you’re so sorry”I don’t get a message that includes“But when do you ever care that they let us share how the story went between them. She can’t wait to be able to scrub that exchange again, and just try to see if there are still some. News flashAnd the groan: No, nin, nada de nada. Trust your aunt.

Then the height of madness touched him when he shouted “If anyone is in the transmission, he has to tell. I don’t understand why I also have to say how long my kisses last and instead nothing is asked of youSomeone warn you that no one has ever been forced into sordid details, on the contrary? And that the only people left with unwanted intimate details are gang members, GUARDACASO?

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There is also humility and joy. And not everyone wants to put a c** in the box. It is up to the individual to choose. And if they are like you or Armando Encarnato They give even the most special effects to a meal because your life is now limited to just that. You exist as long as you present yourself, and without it elius And don’t breathe. But thank God there are people who would rather do things than talk about them. They are usually the ones who come back after a while to tell us how their marriage went.

Psalm 1. T’oh, who would have thought so, mother’s courage is back! As soon as you realize it Matthew Ranieri He wasn’t going to chase after her, let’s look at how quickly she supported her. She’s the one who doesn’t do scandalous things, posts social media but not for him, and needs to see stories Rafaela Minoya To notice that he was taking it out of the jar.

Federostill annoys suitors Luca Salatino To get a report if Matthew looking at you while staring Maria de FilippiApparently, in the meantime I am waiting for the next host to apologize for how mature and responsible you are.

Psalm 2. Instead of pampering the walrus Pinocia della Giovanna And pay her the fines they pay her when she travels without a green pass, but we waive it suBBBito New weak hearing aid Giovanna. Yes, she is a heart, Borella. Not like this other…

Video from the episode: full betTina: “Antonio but Gemma yesterday…”Exterior from Gemma and AntonioAntonio and Gemma have a hard noseNadia: “Gemma, get rid of it! Quit yourself…”Sarah: “Giovanni, do you still love Daniela?”Giovanna: Matteo is like a grandson…”Matteo and Federica: the difficult reconciliation

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