Maria is talking now, what is not happening with her

Maria is talking now, what is not happening with her


During the day on February 2, 2023, the presenter speaks to the two dancers and has their say in their love affair.

Maria De Filippi reveals herself to the couple consisting of Gianmarco and Megan to Friends of Maria de Felipe. The two dancers met thanks to this experience on the Canale 5 show, but it’s not always all roses between them. In fact, the daytime shows often show the two students arguing, putting an end to their relationship, and then getting back together. This push and pull certainly cannot go unnoticed in the eyes of the presenter, he is always very attentive to what is happening with the children at school.

Today, all dancers test themselves with a ball competition, which is judged by viewers through televoting. Each student has their own token, which the audience can use to cast their vote. It’s time for Megan’s performance in the empty studio, where she, like her fellow adventurers, is greeted by Maria’s voice. The second dancer Amici 22 previews Leaving Raimondo Todaro’s team by changing the professor, he dances his piece and receives compliments from his landlady.

Unlike other dancers, Megan doesn’t leave the studio right away. De Filippi asks her to stay so that she too can attend a performance of Gianmarco, with whom the romance seems to have ended last week. The dancer enters and is surprised to see that her fiancée is still in the studio. With her gaze looking for explanations, Maria, in a sweet and ironic way, points out to Gianmarco that she is often wrong with Megan.

“But how bored are you compared to her? Oh Mama! You always ask. She never asks, you always ask. Demand attention… not anymore? What?! You see he’s good. Then he can’t talk to anyone, maybe if he Someone else is sick, otherwise it takes away your attention.”

Gianmarco doesn’t know what to answer and looks embarrassed. At this point, Megan steps in, telling Maria that I respected each other before “This is much better.”. Instead, the dancer tries to convince the presenter that he is not what he seems: “No, but it’s not true. I know who it is. I know it’s like that.”. This is immediately apparent De Filippi is glad that this relationship was born into the talent show.

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In fact, she herself admits that she is happy to see them together again. For this reason, he seems to want to advise both of them not to underestimate the possibility that they will be together during this important trial:

“I’m very glad you found a solution. I’m glad to. I’m convinced that both of you will have a reason to be together. You probably won’t get married, mind you. But I think you can help each other.”

These are the words of the presenter, who seems to approve of the relationship between Gianmarco and Megan. Certainly, according to her, the dancer must learn to accept some of her positions. Despite this, he is glad to see that they have managed to find a meeting point over time.

Gianmarco and Megan’s husband aren’t the only couple made up in this edition of Amici. Before them, a romance was born between Nevio and Rita. The latter, however, has already left the programme. Despite this, their relationship is still progressing. instead of it, Mattia and Maddalena’s period ended some time ago by her decision.

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