Pierluigi D’Aco is very difficult against Fedez: “tacky and umbrella”

Pierluigi D’Aco is very difficult against Fedez: “tacky and umbrella”

His verdict was entirely predictable, especially after the lively rebuke of his columnist BellamaAnd guilty of pronouncing “che pa**e” Live on Rai2. But from such an advocate of freedom of love as Pierluigi D’Aco, one might have expected a more tolerant attitude towards The kiss between Fedez and Rosa Chemical in San Remo. Instead, the famous broadcaster didn’t just send it to the “scandalous couple,” expressing a rather straightforward opinion.

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The interview was conducted by the agency La Presse On the issue that continues to spark discussion, 10 days before the end of the event, Diaco said: “I found Humiliating and absurd See the world of information yet Obscene provocations by Fedez. Which is? What does it represent? What do you think would be interesting enough to spark public discussion? This is also good for him: he has a happy intuition.

No discount either for Fidesz or for those involved in the scandal: “More ridiculous than a piece of the country that Give him attention And he competes with him by legitimizing his country Childish sayings. In Italy, homosexuals can unite civilly, so much so that I unite with my partner.

Thus, performances with Rosa Chemical are in Diaco’s eyes useless and inappropriate: “What’s the point of kissing in prime time and doing a sexual act? It’s not art, This is paracollagen sharp which, like all things done in bad faith, turns into Unjustified vulgarity“.

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