$4.8 billion in interventions for families

“We have a very positive performance in 2021,” explains the Minister of Economy, Daniel Franco, noting that “the level of needs was much lower than expected for the direction of the economy and returns in general are very positive. Convinced that a trend equilibrium below target will emerge as we use this margin “Every decision depends on the development of conditions. We expect a more pronounced recovery from the second quarter and beyond, that the situation will improve and that with Def we will be able to restore the spending cuts applied to the Ministry of Finance’s budget at this time” to finance the new decree.

resources – 5.5 billion goes to homes and businesses. The interventions total for families 1.8 billion on system fees, 400 million on value-added tax and 2.6-2.7 billion on social allowances, for a total of about 4 billion. , 8 billion. On the business front, Franco explained that another 1.2 billion of system fees on electricity and gas, the intervention in energy consumption, the last intervention in the consumption of gas from 2.8 to 9 billion, then 700 million are shared between regions, services and local. the authorities. For cars there is an allocation of billion dollars annually for 8 years.

System fee suspended until June 30 – Three billion was earmarked for ban regime fees as well in the second quarter, that is, until June 30. With these resources, Arera will eliminate the rates “applicable to local and non-local users of low voltage, for other uses, with available power up to 16.5 kW” and “for users with available power equal to or greater than 16.5 kW, also connected to medium voltage” and high/very high, for general lighting or for charging electric vehicles in places easily accessible to the public.”

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Confirmation of VAT on gas at 5% – Also in the second quarter – thus for invoices issued for the estimated or actual consumption for the months of April, May and June 2022 – gas consumption for civil and industrial uses is subject to VAT at 5 percent.

Promoting social rewards for energy and gas For the second quarter, the concessions on electricity supply tariffs granted to economically disadvantaged domestic customers and local customers with serious health conditions “are redefined by Arera, in order to reduce increases in supply costs, stipulated in the second quarter of 2022 in the amount of 500 million euros “.

Energy-intensive companies For companies with high electricity consumption that have experienced a cost increase of more than 30% compared to 2019 “An exceptional contribution is recognized for partial compensation for the high costs incurred, in the form of a tax credit, equal to 20% of the expenses incurred for the energy component purchased and actually used in the second quarter from 2022.” For companies with high consumption of natural gas, “as partial compensation for the high costs incurred to purchase natural gas, an exceptional contribution, in the form of a tax credit, equal to 15 percent of expenditures incurred for the purchase of the same gas consumed in the first quarter of 2022 for energy uses other than thermoelectric uses” .

Renewable energy sources – The decree stipulates, as Minister of Transition Roberto Cingolani explained, “a massive simplification of plants of a renewable nature, especially photovoltaic cells”. It is about facilitating the expansion as much as possible of photovoltaic technologies, especially for the self-consumption of plants with a capacity of up to 200 thousand kilowatts, and one unit will be established. “And there is a fund” to help small and medium-sized enterprises so that these actions come. “There is also an important simplification of other renewable activities , such as geothermal energy, for plants of less than 2 megawatts, both for thermal use and for use in the production of electricity.”

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Gas –

Biofuels – Among the decree’s interventions to contain energy prices there is also “a little more technological investment in biofuels, especially pure ones, from sustainable supply chains”, some of which comes from castor oil. The goal is to reach “200 thousand tons emission in 2023 and annual succession + 50 thousand tons each year”, which also allows us to reach the proportion required by the new EU directive, which is 16% of biofuels by 2030. . “This is why we are adding an already covered fund for further development in biofuels.” Environmental Transition Minister Roberto Cingolani noted that “today’s diesel engine, for example the truck engine, can work with these fuels, resulting in much less pollution, without necessarily having to change” the chassis.

Energy Investments in the South – A fund of 290 million will arrive in 2022-2023 – intended for tax relief for investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency plants in the southern regions, namely Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily.

the cars – There are 1 billion in this sector annually for 8 years to keep pace with the transition. Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti explains that “public intervention is important but private initiative is the most important, and this serves to persuade people to invest alongside the state.” The decree that will establish incentives to buy green cars, not just electric, is coming, because there is not only electric, and above all in the transition, we will also have to think about hybrids.

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sports clubs – An additional €20 million contribution goes to the amateur sports federations and clubs most affected by the increases, with special reference to the amateur sports federations and clubs that operate sports facilities and swimming pools.

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