Broncano will sign for two seasons for 14 million each

Broncano will sign for two seasons for 14 million each

This week, Concepcion Cascajusa, RTVE's new interim president, faces her first big decision as the organization's top director. It concerns the signing of the public television with David Broncano, a matter that had to be addressed in the Board of Directors last week and ended in energizing the meeting, which ended with the dismissal of José Pablo López and Elena Sánchez.

The earthquake that struck RTVE caused the postponement of the vote on La resistencia's accession to the next board of directors, which will be held tomorrow. Two days before the final decision is made, everything indicates that Broncano's signing has become a reality. In fact, the details of the contract under which TVE intends to face El Hormiguero, Pablo Motos' unbeatable program on Antena 3, are already known.

As reported by El Mundo and verified by Yotele, the La 1 access format will have two seasons and will be broadcast around 9:45 p.m., which could cause a reduction in the duration of the Telediario presented by Marta Carazo. The first will start in September 2024 and end in July 2025, while the second will be between the same months from 2025 to 2026. As for the numbers, 14 million have been set for each season.

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