It’s burning, do you want to do things on TV? Marriage to Bonolis

It’s burning, do you want to do things on TV?  Marriage to Bonolis

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Eduardo Donamaria comments with Antonella Fiordelesi on the sentences against him that Sonia Broganelli said in the episode: “It’s burnt, it’s boiled, I’ll tell you,” says the columnist Givino.

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Eduardo Donamaria And Antonella Fiordellisi They made peace again after another fight. In fact, after the episode on Monday, January 30th in which they also clashed live, the two went a few days without speaking to each other, and then fell back into each other’s arms. During this moment of reconciliation, Gevinho let loose Sentences spoken by Sonia Broganelli against him.

Edoardo’s commentary on Sonia Bruganelli

The face of Forum must not have taken advantage of the columnist’s exploitation well, who in the episode slammed him accusing him of having approached Antonella Fiordelesi because she “has her own light” unlike him. Disturbed by these statements, he comments with his partner on what Bruganelli said:

It’s burnt, boiled, come on, let’s say boiled, and then it arrived. Perplexed, I say then, by force against the current, let’s say against the current. I just got to tell you. In fact, you and Sonya are alike. And I don’t mean that as a compliment in this case. Do you want to do everything you do? So Bonolis got married. what do you mean by that? Well, I don’t actually know his career. She is good at her job, but she has to say the sensible things

Immediate was the defense of the former swordsman, who, in fact, reprimanded him by pointing out that he had not said nice things about her: “You don’t say! But I have to tell you, she understands my state of mind very well. She is a very smart woman. I hope to do everything you do. Bonoles got married in what sense?! It seems like a lot of people are married to important men who do nothing. You have to be able first.”

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What Sonia Broganelli said

In fact, for expressing her thoughts, the columnist received quite a few boos from the audience and also on social media she was heavily criticized, because addressing Donnamaria she declared:

Be careful what you say, but also what you do. Because what you do shows. And do you know what else you see? That you didn’t want Antonella but needed her when you entered the house. Because you brought attention and light to yourself by being next to her, because you didn’t have any kind of personality. You mean something with Antonella. Antonella you have light, then all the faults of this world, but you have light. Guys, she’s in there and you’re out here playing the audience, so she’s light in comparison to you.

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