Live Juventus – Torino 1-0: Live news

Live Juventus – Torino 1-0: Live news

Juventus – Torino, Serie A match 2021/2022 live stream: official squad, pre-match, score and match report

Juventus-Torino: It’s Derby Mall day. In the first leg, Juventus won 1-0 with a goal scored by Locatelli in the final, and Toro is now looking for revenge but also for his first success at the Allianz Stadium: in fact, the grenadier team did not manage to come home. The three points since Juventus played at home. Ivan Juric’s team returned from consecutive knockouts against Udinese and Venice and now wants to stop its negative streak. Follow Juventus Turin live with us on

Juventus Torino: live

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4′ Mandatory closing of De Sciglio on Singo, who starts running to the right and sprinting forward. Everything will be rebuilt for Taurus

3′ Waste of Singo! Grenades are doing everything right when serving Ivorian Bricalo. The ball that ends next to the mirror

2′ Turin advances with Bobiga, which he dumps on Belotti. Gallo looks for the hole on the other side but the Juventus defense shuts down

1, the first possession of taurine this time. Bremer tries to open inaccurately and sends the ball straight in

1 ′ Switch in Juve: Pellegrini exits and De Sciglio enters

the other half

45 + 1 The first half ends here. Juventus remains in the lead 1-0 over Torino!

45 + 1, outperforms Mandragora from the flag on the far post. Belotti tries to coordinate but the ball ends up at the bottom

45 + 1 ‘corner for bull conquered by Bubija

45 1 minute recovery

45′ throw-in for Juventus. Cuadrado takes care of her and goes to Morata. Juventus slows down

43 The game will resume. The return of the Juventus defender

42 Erorre di Djidji, featured by Pellegrini. Then he stayed on the ground as a defender for Juventus

42 The ball is put in the middle by Mandragora, but Morata moves too far

41 Taurus striker. Rodriguez, after a long run of the ball, crosses the right at the far post, but Pellegrini closes for a corner kick.

40′ good coverage by Singo in defence, which helps Vanya pass first on the ball and resume with a long ball

39′ foul by Lukic against Alex Sandro. punish juventus

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38′ A physical problem in the left knee of Pellegrini. De Sciglio is heating up

37′ Throw to Juventus, forced to fall back when the bomb was pressed

36 chance for Taurus! Singo alternates with Lukic and Pellegrini jumps, passing in the middle. Chichesne still gets there first

35′ foul by Rabiot against Senju. Bull eagle. Brekalo starts in the middle towards Belotti. Szczesny gets there first

34′ Another corner of the bull. Mandragora beats Bricalo. Zakaria hits him with the ball and activates the opponent’s restart

33′ Corner for the bull. The ball is supported by Rodriguez, who descends on Bricalo. The ball is placed in the middle. Sengo gets there and looks at Zacharias who is still on the ground. The referee stops the match

32 ‘Belotti outperforms .. the ball veered inwards

31′ foul by Alex Sandro vs. Belotti. Free kick from a forward position for grenades

30′ Do it on the Belotti. Possession returns to Toro, who passes through Milinkovic-Savic to restart

29 throws in for grenades that make the ball spin. Then Pobega makes a foul on Pellegrini. Penalty for the Bianconeri

28′ Juventus Ball Tournament. The bull continues to press higher

27′ Boubiga’s left-hand attempt on Singo’s exhaust. The number 4 of Taurus, however, is surrounded by fences

26′ Bremer is ahead of Vlahovic who favors Milinkovic-Savic. The Serbian gets the ball back

25 ′ Sengo touches Pricalo who puts the ball at the far post. Chesney expects everyone and blocks the ball

24′ Foul by Rabiot against Belotti. bull eagle

23 Bull danger! Some chaos in the area for grenades. Dybala tried first and then Morata, but the bomb keeper doesn’t let himself be fooled

22 ′ Juventus long. Check out Bremer going to Milinkovic-Savic

21′ Sneak back for Belotti. flag rises

21′ Grenades start over and come back to set order

18 ′ corner for Juventus. Dybala beats. Belotti takes care of saving everything!

17′ Foul by Djidji against Morata. punish juventus

17 risky bulls. Good coverage from Bremer who closes in on Morata and pushes the ball away

16 grenade corners. The ball is extended to Senju’s head and ends at the bottom. Belotti doesn’t get there

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15 Chance Taurus! Belotti managed to serve Bricalo, who is trying to control the ball and shoot. De Ligt deflects a corner kick

14 ′ Work objective: Cuadrado hits from the flag on the far post. There comes De Ligt who jokes Milinkovic-Savic and puts her in place!

13 ′ Juventus goals

12′ Show Care of Milinkovic-Savic! Rabiot receives the ball, advances and kicks in the goal, but the Serbian tells him no

11′ Morata doubles down on Senju who helps Rabiot get the ball back. Juventus starts again

10′ Toro is still forward. Grenade line. Singo takes care of him

8′ A missed opportunity for Belotti! The rooster misses the win and lets the ball flow

6, the first bull flash. Mandragora receives the ball and kicks in the goal. Szczesny ready

5′ throw for the bull. Rodriguez takes care of her, then brings her down again. Then there is a large hole on the part of the bomb

4′ one-on-one between Bremer and Velhovich, which starts quickly. Cannons with grenades prevail

4, Singo possibility on the right. Locatelli hits him with the ball and starts his team again

3′ Buonos point for Belotti, who is wandering near the opponent’s area. Enter on the edge of De Ligt to stop him. There is no error for Masa

2′ beat Pricalo at the far post. However, the referee blows his whistle and starts from the Bianconeri retorvie

1 ‘Fault on the spot by Belotti, who immediately won his first free kick

1 ′ Let’s go! Juventus’ first possession!

first half

Juventus – Torino 1-0: Match Report

Marker: pt 13 ′ De Ligt (J)

Juventus (4-3-3): Chisney. Cuadrado, de Ligt, Pellegrini (1′ Sant de Chilio), Alex Sandro; Zacharias, Locatelli, Rabiot; Dybala, Vlahovic, Morata. Available Pensolio, Perrin, Arthur, McKinney, Ken, Cayo George, and Aki. Attached Fun.

Turin (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic; Djidji, Bremer, Rodriguez; Sengo, Lukic, Mandragora, Vojvoda; Bubiga, Pricalo; Belotti. Available Berisha, Izzo, Zima, Pjaca, Ansaldi, Sanabria, Seck, Ricci, Aina, Pellegri, Linetty, Good morning. Attached. jurisprudence

Rule: Massa de Imperia (Ass. Alassio and Tolfo; Fourth Man Airoldi; Far Mazzolini; Avar Liberty

Juventus – Torino: before the match

20.30 The warm-up period is over, and the players of both teams are back in the dressing room.

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20.20 During the warm-up period, Rugani was injured in Juventus, the defender returned to the dressing room and will not play the derby. Pellegrini will play in his place.

8.15 pm After the warm-up on the sidelines, the managers of both teams are also present. Meanwhile, Toro fans make their voices heard from the guest sector, and also dominate the stadium’s music.

20.00 Players from both teams enter the field for the usual warm-up before the match.

7.45 pm The official line-ups for the two teams have been announced. Andrea Belotti returns to Toro.

19.30 Less and less lost at the beginning of the derby. Turin arrived at the Allianz Stadium by bus. The players went to the locker room, ready to take to the field. Juric has already come down to the green rectangle for a final check before his team warms up.

6.45 pm We have about two hours before the game, in Turin it was cold and wet and the coaches of both teams were still waiting at the Allianz Stadium. The Grenade team arrives at the derby with some significant absences, such as Dennis Praet’s and (surprisingly) Marco Pajacca’s absences. Instead, there is Andrea Belotti, who is already back on the field against Venice, and could return to the starting line tonight. Not only Ivan Juric, but also Massimiliano Allegri will have to deal with some absences, especially in defense where he will not be available to Giorgio Chiellini or Leonardo Bonucci.

Juventus – Torino: official squad

Juventus (4-3-3): Chisney. Cuadrado, de Ligt, Pellegrini, Alex Sandro; Zacharias, Locatelli, Rabiot; Dybala, Vlahovic, Morata. Available Pensolio, Perrin, DeSiglio, Arthur, McKinney, Ken, Cayo George, and Aki. Attached Fun

Turin (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic; Djidji, Bremer, Rodriguez; Sengo, Lukic, Mandragora, Vojvoda; Bubiga, Pricalo; Belotti. Available Berisha, Izzo, Zima, Pjaca, Ansaldi, Sanabria, Seck, Ricci, Aina, Pellegri, Linetty, Good morning. Attached. jurisprudence

Juventus Turin: Where to see it on TV and live

Juventus-Turin will be broadcast live on DAZN, the broadcasting platform that holds the rights to Serie A matches for three years 2021-2024.

Juventus Torino live

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