Maurizio Costanzo’s funeral live: tears of Maria De Felipe, long applause of the audience

Maurizio Costanzo’s funeral live: tears of Maria De Felipe, long applause of the audience

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Order the service to enter the church, where many well-known faces, friends and colleagues of the TV presenter can be recognized. Standing, past the last rows, are Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino and Sanremo bandleader Amadeus

day of Funeral to Maurice CostanzoWho passed away last Friday at the age of 84 Artists Church And the entire Piazza del Popolo is already crowded just hours before the funeral begins. to Rome, in the last farewell, Thousands of people, familiar faces and ordinary people (here live broadcast)

Daughter’s emotional speech

Maurizio Costanzo’s daughter, Camila, was transferred. “Babineau, the wave of love that washed over us is due to the good you have done to so many people. You have not had three children but much more than that. Many have considered you a father. You leave us an important legacy, your greatest teaching, humility. You never expected such an offering of great affection. You would have said to us as usual: “But do you realize? It’s all for me.” You are now in the hands of Sordi and Gassman, we imagine you are in heaven organizing another of your talk shows.». Then Jerry Scotty, equally moved, read the artists’ prayer.

There is also a picture of Philip’s beloved black cat on the coffin. Reverend Don Walter Ensiero recalled it during the funeral: “Maurizio loved it when Filippo jumped on his desk in the office. He loved animals very much, including dogs and cats, as well as birds and seagulls that frequented his balcony.” At the exit of the coffin, at the end of the Mass, there was music Maurizio Costanzo ShowIt is one of the most popular Italian TV shows. Maria Devilipi I was visibly affected.

The final farewell to the Parioli Theatre

A final farewell to the Parioli Theater, too: the funeral procession stopped in front of the theatre, which had been the stage for its performance for so long. The chair in the square in front of the Via Borsi hall stopped for a minute’s silence, then it was broken by the applause of the people. A stone’s throw away, in Via Ruggero Fauro, Costanzo suffered a mafia attack in 1993.

Ask for service at the entrance

The security service candidate to enter the church, where you can get acquainted with many well-known faces, friends and colleagues of the TV presenter. Standing, past the last rows, is the Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino and Sanremo Festival Conductor Amadeus.

Totti is absent

Missed the funeral ceremony Francesco Totti: For reasons of public order, some say. In fact, the former soccer player, who is a close friend of Maurizio Costanzo, vacations at Madonna di Campiglio with his new partner Noemi Pucci, her daughters, and the eldest, Chanel.

4 minutes of applause in the coffin

At 14:20, forty minutes before the start of the funeral service, the coffin is carried into the church, to standing ovations, It lasted four minutesIt is preceded by the box. Mass begins a quarter of an hour early: 2:45 p.m. when the sermon begins. The mayor arrives late Gualtieri, surrounded by a tri-colour ribbon. Among the flower crowns scattered throughout the church and also resting on the side columns, one of the white rose crowns stands out with the inscription: “Endless embrace”, signed by Pierre Silvio (Berlusconi, Mr. Dr).

They are in the front row in front of the coffin Maria Devilipi with son Gabriel And the other two children Costanzo, Saverio and Camila herself, With the journalist’s four grandchildren. Mediaset leaders were in attendance, including President Fedele Confalonieri, CEO Pier Silvio Berlusconi and Alessandro Salem. Among the hundreds of well-known faces – Mediaset, Rai, Cinema, Theater – in addition to Jerry Scotti, who reads “The Artists’ Prayers”, are Mara Venier, Paolo Bonolis, Luciana Letizito, Giorgio Panariello, Salvo Sotil, Christian Di Sica, Carlo Conte, Lorella Cucarini With her husband Silvio Testi, Sabrina Ferelli with her husband Flavio Cattaneo, Roberto Giacpo. And again: Vittorio Sgarbi, Fiorella Manuia, Enrico Brignano, Valerio Scanno, Massimo Lopez, Tulio Sulinghi, Emanuele Filiberto Di Savoia, President of Naples Aurelio De Laurentiis, Manager of La7 Andrea Salerno, Giancarlo Gianzio, Ricky Tonazio Giancarlo Giannini, Giorgio Gori and Cristina Parodi, Valeria Marini, Daniele Silvestri, Alex Peretti, an entire generation of comedians have graced the Costanzo Show stage, from Dado to Pino Insigno.

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Priest’s sermon and memory: “But are you a real priest?”

basilica dean, don’t forget, He remembers his first meeting with Maurizio two years ago: «But are you a priest right?It was the first thing he asked me about. He then continued: «I thought I was looking at a somewhat ‘eating priests’ journalist, but instead I found a welcoming and likable person. Since he was a kid he wanted to be a journalist, he used to play with a bar of soap and with it he pretended to be a microphone, because he had a great desire to communicate. At the age of 17 he suggested that country evening. He was a very intelligent man, very curious, always ready to seek novelty and discovery. He was so active, he could hardly sit still. He was a humble man, who lived a very simple life. A loyal personality, he keeps his word and avoids judging others. They always tend to understand everyone’s reasons. He was very accustomed, he loved sports and Rome but he was lazy and definitely not a practicing athlete. He was sincere and had no ulterior motives.”
Again: «his relationship with Maria (De Felipe, ed) was of tenderness, respect, love and complicity. Feeling a strong sense of protection towards his family members and those who worked with him, he helped many artists who needed to get back to work. He didn’t care about money, he wasn’t greedy, he was even able to share. Theater was his great passion. Friendship, then, is one of its core values: with Vittorio Gassmann, Giorgio Asuma, Alberto Sordi, Enrico Faemi... ». Don Ensiero then mentioned the appreciation Costanzo felt for Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis. “He was moved by the poverty of people – as the parish priest concluded – and for a long time he helped those who were suffering. Once he met a poet who was suffering from poverty, and he helped her every month ».

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Al-Saghrabi: “Heir Maria”

He hears him is a living body. the heir? The wife, not in a physical sense, but because she makes the same TV in a stronger way, with nothing ». So Vittorio Sgarbi told reporters at the entrance to the Artists’ Church.

“He was like a father to me,” says Fabrizio Corona, leaving the church.

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