Theater Café, performance theater at Animac de Nit – La Manyana

Theater Café, performance theater at Animac de Nit – La Manyana

The bulk of the activity at the 28th edition of Animac, the international animation film festival in Catalonia, which starts tomorrow, will take place in different spaces of the Teatre de la Llotja and CaixaForum Lleida, and the Cafè del Teatre will also host a short film session and a concert. On Friday the 16th, from 11.00 p.m., it will host the special session “Curts bandarres” aimed at adults, which will include the screening of seven films: “Macja Hrana”, “Mira”, “Askimiz Olumsuzdur”, “Mr. Rabbit” and “Cat with Glasses”. and “Love bubbles” and “Sweet dreams” and “Oh Rosa the Cossack.”

On the other hand, Animac also organized the exhibition “El somni de la sultana”. “Creative Process,” which features original drawings and materials from the feature film directed by Isabel Herguera, inspired by “The Somney de la Sultana,” a feminist short story written by Ruqaiya Hussain and published in India in 1905, which can be viewed at the Espai Cavallers exhibition until February 28. Isabel Herguera, who was the director of Animac, is one of this year's champions and at the opening ceremony she will receive the 2024 Honorary Award, in addition to presenting her work, which is the first European animation film to enter the official competition of the San Sebastia Festival. festival. In addition, Animac also offers some workshops in Llotja, such as Emilio Martí's workshop, on “cut” animation and diversity.

On the other hand, on Saturday night, starting at 10:30 p.m., the Teatre Café will host the concert of the group Hombre Tigre, a trio composed of Carlos Rubio on guitar and synthesizer, Emilio B. Gil on vocals and Fermin Solís. on bass and programming (additionally, Solis is an illustrator and writer, and is the author of the graphic novel Buñuel en el Laberinto de las Tortugas, which was made into a feature-length animated film of the same name and which won the Goya Award for Best Animated Feature in 2020). The three will be responsible for setting the music on Saturday night at Animac with fresh, highly danceable electronic pop that belies the nihilism of the lyrics.

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