Croatian Pepe Lasagna starts as a candidate to win the Eurovision contest

Croatian Pepe Lasagna starts as a candidate to win the Eurovision contest

The first semi-final of the festivalEurovision Choosing the top ten finalists on Saturday and verifying the capabilities of the Croatian representative, Baby lasagnato win the competition.

The crowd at Malmö Arena surrendered to country rock edge The dim tag team On the night of impact. What’s the singer’s name? Marko Borisicspreading his rock essence in a show filled with Balkan folklore.

The other big surprise that night was a proposalIrelandA kind of satanic ritual. A fitting scene from a horror movie that made everyone go crazy and now a singer has been put in place, Bambi is a serial killerin your favorites list.

Chanel returns to Eurovision

Aside from the qualifiers, the first concert of this Eurovision festival was marked by stunning theater and numbers such as Chanel, cheered by the audience. The Catalan got hers back slovakia moWhich was performed with new choreography and 24 dancers.

Saadeh’s controversial behavior

He also performed the double winner Johnny Logan and Eleni Foreriabut the one who particularly stood out, and not because of his music, was Eric Saadeh. In 2011, the Swedish actress took to the stage wearing the Palestinian hijab amid the controversy this year over Israel’s participation.

The European Broadcasting Union, which organizes the festival, immediately condemned this behavior, expressing its regret that Saadeh intended himself in what they say happened. Non-political. Although Saadeh’s behavior attracted a lot of attention, the festival officially acted as if nothing had happened, and they did not make any comments at the post-concert press conference.

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Jordi Ramos

In front of the press, the Night King was still the Croatian Baby lasagna Who was one of the big winners of the competition. the guy Rocker He refuses to care what the bookmakers say: “Bets are just numbers. The job is not complete, and it will not be done until the bullseye sings.”

Bets are just numbers, no work is done

Marko BorisicBaby lasagna

Apart from Croatia and Ireland, on Tuesday they qualified for the first semi-final of Eurovision Cyprus, Serbia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovenia, Finland, Portugal and Luxembourg. Preparations for the second qualifiers will begin on Wednesday, and the bulk of the protests demanding Israel’s participation will take place in the streets.

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