The Argentine film “El Escuerzo” won the award for best feature film in the XI Galacticat category.

The Argentine film “El Escuerzo” won the award for best feature film in the XI Galacticat category.

the film EffortDirector Augusto Sinai’s film was announced as the winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the 11th edition of the festival. Tarega and Ponent International Film Festival – GalacticatWhich was held this year between the 24th and June 30. The awards ceremony was held on Sunday at the Cal Trepat factory in Tàrrega, as Galacticat concluded its 11th edition, the first in which it ceased to be a fantasy and horror film competition to become a festival open to all genres.

Effort It is a Spanish-Argentine co-production, directed by Augusto Sinai and produced by Damian Carretero Cesdedos. They were both present at the closing ceremony of the festival and were able to receive the award in person. His film is inspired by an old Argentine tale that says that whoever kills an “escuerzo” – a type of frog – is cursed for life. The events of the film take place during the war between Argentina and Paraguay at the end of the nineteenth century.

The Best Documentary Award went to shooting star Directed by Ignasi Guerrero and Arturo Méndez, the film tells the story of Guerrero himself and his family when they lost their eight-month-old baby. The documentary seeks to break the taboos surrounding the grief of newborns and combines real footage with animation.

The Audience Award for Best Feature Film went to Raynal Housea documentary filmed in Belvis and directed by Laia Manresa. While the Audience Award for Best Short Film went to Participate in the chaseDirected by Pepe Rico of Leda, with Adrián Carande and Paula Sanchez.

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The list of short films is complete. Sects Written by David Padilla as Best Horror Short Film; Electra Czech director Daria Kashcheva won Best Animated Short Film; As easy as closing your eyes Short film by Parker Croft (USA). Emilia Won Best Short Documentary, Best Short Documentary in Spain and Best Short Documentary in Iran Luggage It won the award for Best Free Short Film. It won the best short novel award in Spain I will be right back Written by Lucas Paulino and Gaby Ibanez.

The edition that was a “challenge”

Galacticat director Ramon Pochaca described this 11th edition as a “challenge”, because it was the first in which the festival stopped being a showcase for horror and fantasy cinema and became a general festival. Pochaca himself stressed that “this change in format allowed us to open the doors to many proposals and artists, which means that this year we have a very rich and varied program”.

In this sense, the organization highlights the 90 people from the Spanish and international film industry who visited Tarija this year, including directors, screenwriters, producers and actors. Regarding public attendance, although it was low during the week in some of the three exhibition points, during the weekend there were good public participations in the Majestic Cinemas and the street shows.

Talent Meet the Winners

During the weekend, the third edition of Trobada de Talents was also held, a campus based on a script competition that brings together creators and companies in the sector as part of the celebration of the festival. This thirteenth edition was attended by distribution and production companies from all over the country: Ayhe Productions, Films de l’Orient, Basajaun Filmark, Forest Film Studio, Nebecé, Pausa Dramatica, Coco Films, Salon Indien Films and Efímero Films.

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From the 12 shortlisted projects, three winners were chosen, one for each section: feature film, series and short film. Best project series was for The disc Written by Sergio Daniel Alonso and Miguel Berretjo; Feature film by small hanging facesWritten by Augusto and Matias Senay and Damian Carretero, while the short film won 893 km By Robin Guindo.

This year, as a novelty, each of the three winners of the Talent Meeting (feature film, short film and series) will receive a prize of €1,000, provided by RCService, the sponsor of the Talent Meeting 2024.

In addition to these awards, the series project Hollywood Secrets Mónica Dorado and Chon López won the 16Nou Award for Best Development and Feature Film Project. Protopania Received a special mention for supporting development.

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