Mara Venier v. Mediaset after the crimes via social media: the complaint to the Carabinieri

Mara Venier v. Mediaset after the crimes via social media: the complaint to the Carabinieri
trouble in the future to mediaset: Mara Venere He decides to take action after the crimes against him are posted online by an official Serpentone account. During last week’s episode of sunday inIn fact, after the video interference is nothing but Barbara D’Ursoto the surprise of her longtime friend Gabriella LabetteAn offensive Twitter comment from the official account appeared here mediaset To which he wrote in no uncertain terms: “What a villain. Tr**e Silvy seems right to me.”

If immediately after the crime Veneer Restricting herself to “very bad”, through her Instagram profile, the presenter wanted to announce today that she had filed a complaint: “Waiting for an apology, even if private,” she wrote as a comment on a photo depicting the facade of a barracksa weaponand then added a group photo to it with police“Thank you” and the irony “Say hello to my selfie”, an apparent reference to the offending tweet.

Although it was deleted shortly after, the comment in question was removed from the account mediaset It went viral immediately: Cologno Monzese, working for the cover, then posted a message talking about “animal access” to the profile, before deactivating it completely. “Service information. We have detected abnormal access to our profile” What we have been informed, “After the necessary technical intervention, we may have account malfunctions. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

In addition, shortly after the information giant also issued an apology letter condemning the unfortunate incident: “Dear readers, yesterday a very serious event happened. Through the QuiMediaset account, a shameful comment was posted, offensive to people for whom Mediaset feels respect and affection.” And again: “We have established that the accident was caused by a serious accident. However, we publicly apologize to the recipients and to all our followers, ”and then conclude:“ Now the conditions for the operation of the profile have been restored.

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