Kevin Spacey, jury: ‘He didn’t molest Anthony Rapp’

Kevin Spacey, jury: ‘He didn’t molest Anthony Rapp’

At trial, Rapper’s attorney Richard Stegman urged jurors to indict Spacey for trying to advance sexual advances on Rapper in his Manhattan apartment and accused Spacey of lying on stage. Spacey’s attorney, Jennifer Keeler, told the jurors “Rap invented the meeting”.

The jury’s verdict puts an end to one of the most vital trials in The “MeToo” movement. Spacey welcomed the decision with relief and threw himself into an hug from his attorney before leaving the courtroom. It took jurors less than 90 minutes to decide Spacey was not responsible for the harassment despite an appeal by Rapper’s attorney Richard Stegman to charge the two-time Oscar-winning actor for introducing his client when he was alone. 14 years after a party.

Claims that Spacey, through his attorney Jennifer Keeler, flatly dismissed her as an inventor. According to Keeler, in the years following the accident, Rapper would be jealous of Spacey’s career while he remained in minor roles. “We’re here today with Rapper more interested in this process than in his entire career,” Keeler said, casting a shadow on “MeToo.”

“This is not a sport where you stand with MeToo or against MeToo. Our system requires evidence to support claims before an impartial jury,” he explained. Raab’s lawyer tried to convince the jury to the end by explaining that Spacey lied in the dock. “It lacks credibility,” he said.

But the jury did not listen to him and dismissed the case. Even before deliberations began, a New York judge partially dismissed the charges against Spacey, calling on jurors to decide whether he was solely responsible for using violence against Rapper and declaring that there was nowhere to go ahead with his accusation of intentionally causing emotional harm to a boy.

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“It’s basically a duplicate of the other charge,” the judge said. Rapp and Spacey testified during the trial, and during his testimony, the “House of Cards” representative said that he He never publicly declared himself gay For years because he was traumatized by his father, Thomas Fowler, who was a racist and homophobic.

“My father was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi,” his remarks. “It meant my brothers and I were forced to listen for hours upon hours as my father taught us his beliefs.” “We’ve never talked about his sexual orientation. I’ve never talked about these things in public.” Then he added that when he started in the theater he “yelled at me that I could be gay”.

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