Manuel Valisella, tattoo artist and former tronista of “Men and Women” has died: he was 35 –

Manuel Valisella, tattoo artist and former tronista of “Men and Women” has died: he was 35 –
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A well-known face on television, he has participated in the broadcast of Mediaset. The news was spread on social networks by his friend, DJ Enrico Cerassi

He passed away at the age of only 35 Manuel Achel Vallequela, Tattoo artist and well-known face of television and social networks after being suitor then tronista From the program Mediaset men and women. His death was announced by his friend deejay Enrico Ciriaci who wrote on social media Hello my friend, so good for this damned life. rest in peace. According to Ciriaci, Biccy’s website reports, Vallicella could have taken his life.

Even blogger Amedeo Fenza gave the news of the young man’s death with a message on Instagram saying: Manuel Valisella, former tronista, died with a heart of gold .. he was only 35 years old! A life is still ahead of him.. I just wish he was in the arms of his beloved mother.. I have no words. rest in peace. Vallicella in 2019 lost his mother, with whom he was closely related, after a long struggle with illness.

Share it in men and women Instead, it dates back to 2016 when he was (unsuccessfully) engaged to Ludovica Valli. Due to the public’s sympathy for him, Maria de Filippi then offered him the role of tronista, whom Vallicella abandoned after a few weeks, Prefer to stay away from the entertainment world. But he remained in the hearts of viewers and 460,000 people followed him on Instagram.

Ludovica Valley, now an influencer with 1.8 million followers, lamented the disappearance of her former suitor in stories, and posted some snaps with him: I’m speechless, I’m really upset – she wrote -. I will never forget your shyness and your beautiful eyes It was an honor to meet you. Now you can rest, may the earth be enlightening to you, Manuel, have a good journey. Then Valli added: You will remain in my heart forever. I am sending you and will continue to send our arms to you there always.

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