Marco Bocchi: I had a rare virus and I have no memory. A new birth every day

Marco Bocchi: I had a rare virus and I have no memory.  A new birth every day

Actor and director Marco Bocchifrom May 11 in theaters with the new movie the hunt Which he directed, said in a monologue to hyenas The consequences of the disease that struck him a few years ago.

The rare virus that infected him

“Four years ago I survived a rare virus. The part of my brain that controls memory and speech affected me. I spoke my own language for a while incomprehensible to others. But if the ability to speak returns, then my memory and many memories, on the other hand, are gone forever.” […] Today I don’t recognize friends’ faces, and I can even watch a movie six times before realizing I’ve actually seen it. I remember a few anecdotes from my childhood that my friends would call me “But who? But where? But when?”. Because I repeat these questions over and over again. I live with Google Maps because I don’t remember the streets of the surrounding towns where I grew up and I had to learn to do my job in a new way, studying twice. I often felt clueless, limited, and damaged, because the memories we carry inside us throughout our lives tell us who we are every day. So I, who no longer have or have many of those memories, but rotten, mixed with imagination, fantasy, who am I really? I often asked myself that. Then I stopped looking, and indeed I like to imagine that it was almost a stroke of luck, that there was something in the past that I had to forget entirely. I’ve now learned to live with this discomfort because I take advantage of it and pretend to be comfortable not to remember the things I remember so well. Every day I am reborn as a man who leaves behind a part of his past to live in the present, a new man. And, strange as it may sound, a happy man.

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Claire Ugolini

Three years ago, when he had recovered from the coma that the virus had forced him into, he was making his directorial debut with film It never rains in Tor Bella Monaca He told us: “Illness has given me another awareness: that I am not indestructible. If you are athletic, hypermobile like me, you see difficulties too far and instead what has happened has made me understand that you need to keep your feet. Well earth, encourage me to give more importance to things.” Mission: Laura and my children. director with Laura Chiatti’s wife who was also the star of the film along with Filippo Negro, Paolo Pierrobone and Pietro Sermonti, was a guest at sunday in Where Chiatti’s statement sparked a social controversy, the actress wanted to calm him down by explaining that it was a joke.

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