Fao Schwarz, what is the opening of the toy store in Milan. Appeared in hundreds of movies, from Paige to Mom I Missed the Plane

It’s impossible not to know, at least roughly: FAO’s century-old Schwartz toy store, is not only a reference point for children of the world but also for movie lovers since the California chain of stores, Arriving on October 28 in Milan, has already appeared in dozens of famous films, from Mom I missed the plane and the big Goddess of Love Woody Allen and Baby with Diane Keaton. Even in Italy, from now on, children (and adults) who are enthusiastic about this genre will be able to actually enter the FAO Schwartz Shop: Milanese store on Via Orefici, with a total area of ​​600 square meters, spread over three levels And to welcome customers, two of the brand’s iconic soldiers.

Online game

Arrive in Milan in style as much as on the website www.faoschwarz.it Created and active Wonderland, a virtual treasure hunt game in five famous districts in the center of Milan, where users will have to search for hidden games. Those who manage to find them receive an alphanumeric code that they must go to the store and check if they are among the winners of the One of 500 ready-made products. For the lucky three there too Grand prize, snack for five friends surrounded by games.


The idea of ​​the series comes from Federick August Otto Schwarz (from his initials, FAO, The shop is named after), German immigrant Who in 1850 dreamed of a place full of toys from all over the world: in 1862 he founded a Baltimore Fao Schwarz, who drives kids crazy. The arrival in Milan comes as a result of an agreement between the Pranatal Retail Group and ThreeSixty Group: their goal is to reproduce the charm, as well as beauty, of the famous American store.

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