Doc 3 will be completed, there will be no two actresses: when it is shown and previewed

Doc 3 will be completed, there will be no two actresses: when it is shown and previewed

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The story of Dr. Andrea Fanti, who was shown in the face by Luca Argentero, will continue with other episodes.

Document in your hands It does not stop with the second season. Fascinating over seven million viewers, Rai’s imagination starred in it Luca Argentero It will continue with other episodes. The same actor, some time ago, announced that from the very beginning the project was organized for three seasons. But given the series’ success, it’s not inconceivable that there will be more episodes…

3 . document It should be on the air Between late 2023 and early 2024. At the moment, the script is being written: the set has not yet reopened and there is still no official date for the start of filming, which was always held between Milan and Rome. We definitely have to keep in mind the commitments of Argentero, who is one of the most loved and wanted actors on both the big and small screen. This summer Luca should start shooting the new Sandokan movie alongside Can Yaman (He will play Yanez.)

Therefore, it is likely that the shooting of the third season of Document in your hands Sleigh in the fall or even in the early months of 2023. The cast has been confirmed by Matilda Giuli, who has publicly admitted that she’s already given her access to screenwriters and producers. The actress is pleased with her character, Dr. Giulia Giordano, and hopes for a happy ending to her story.

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Instead, two other actresses appeared out of the game: We’re Talking About It Silvia Mazeri (Alba resident) And the Jose Buscemi (Psychologist Lucia). They are both pregnant and expecting to give birth in the summer. Almost certainly, or maybe not, the two of them won’t be able to regain their strength in time to go back to wearing the white coat again. However, their return later has not been ruled out, perhaps in agreement with Doc’s managers.

Without a doubt, Alba’s virtual farewell would move the company a lot The plot of Doc: What will happen to her love affair with Ricardo, which blossomed during the first season? The two experienced acute moments of crisis after the pandemic and who knows if they weren’t destined to say a final goodbye…

Among other things, many viewers can’t wait to see Ricardo – Alias Birpaolo Spollon – Next to Carolina Fante, daughter of Doc. There is a lot of feelings between the two of them and the kiss of death, but nothing more (at the moment). All that remains is to arm yourself with patience and wait for the new episodes!

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