Stellantis: new industrial initiatives in Italy

Stellantis: new industrial initiatives in Italy

transformation in progress – CEO of the company StilantsCarlos Tavares (pictured above)Today in Turin, it announced two new industrial initiatives that put Italy and Italian factories at the center of its Dare Forward 2030 transformation plan, which aims to make it a technology company specializing in sustainable mobility To achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2038.

Send in Mirafiori The first tangible step in enhancing Stellantis’ skills in sustainable mobility is the new 50-50 joint venture called e-Transmissions Assembly created with Punch Powertrain, which specializes in Produce From Send Electric dual-clutch eDCTs for the company’s new generation of hybrid models. Thanks to his contribution, Stellantis will be further facilitated in the electrification of its brand portfolio. The Electronic Broadcasting Society will produce the new broadcast in a complex mirafiori in Turin (In the picture below), which will complement the existing production capacity of Punch Powertrain in Metz, France. Production of the new electronic transmission assembly site at Mirafiori is scheduled to start in the second half of 2024. When fully operational, the Mirafiori and Metz plants will be the suppliers for all Stellantis production plants in Europe.

circular economy – Then Stellantis announced that mirafiori Will host, starting from 2023manager Axis of circular economy. Stellantis’ circular economy business unit is one of seven incremental growth organizational units announced in the Dare Forward 2030 plan. Its business is based on 4R استراتيجية strategy: Repair, Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle. The Mirafiori plant will start operating with three different activities designed to increase the sustainability of production: component refurbishment, and vehicle refurbishment and disassembly. The goal of this industry initiative, which builds on the skills the company currently has, is to quadruple revenue from the recycling business. In 2030 Stellantis expects a turnover of more than 2 billion euros.

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Turin, Melfi and Termoli – During a meeting in March 2022 with the Piedmont region, the municipality of Turin and the Turin Industrial Association, Stellantis reaffirmed its continued commitment to Italian work. Particular attention was paid to the Piedmont region to promote “Turin province of manufacturing‘, a hub for automotive manufacturing, electrical engineering and the design heart of iconic Italian brands. Additional initiatives to support this commitment and accelerate Stellantis’ transformation towards global electrification include many new industrial activities. my file Sochaux in France will host the new meeting electric platform Called the STLA Medium, it is specifically designed for the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market with an expected range of 700 km. In addition, Automotive Cells (ACC), in which Stellantis has a 33% stake, will build Termoli Third European factory to produce battery cells. The operation will be based on the conversion of an existing Stellantis plant and will aim to support the production of batteries for electric vehicles.

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