The “open” city of Eris with international scientific symposia

The “open” city of Eris with international scientific symposia

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – 11:46

Science: Eris “open” city with international scientific symposia

From the Majorana Foundation

Rome, September 21. “A science without secrets and without borders.” Faithful to the “Ericci Manifesto of 1982”, signed to date by more than 100,000 scientists and the subject of active moral and political commitment by many heads of state, the Ettore Majorana Foundation and the Eris Center for Scientific Culture – founded in 1963 by a physicist, A. Antonino Zicci, has since been frequented by Nobel and brains from around the world – he submitted activities for 2023.

Presentation today at Erice with interventions by Antonino Zichichi (President of the Ettore Majorana Foundation) connected by video link; Antonio Zucoli (President of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics INFN); Daniela Toscano (Mayor of Eris); Nicola Adragna (President of the Iris Arte Foundation), Fabrizio and Lorenzo Zicchi. Among the guests – in a video link from Paris where he lives – Moroccan writer and thinker Tahar Benjelloun who will be exhibiting from today, at the initiative of the Majorana Foundation, twelve paintings in the Pepoli Tower presented by the flights of white doves: installations inspired by the theme “Eris, the city of science” Peace” by Studio PLS, a group of Sicilian artists and artisans. The exhibition will open until November 4 next year.

From March to December 2023, more than 40 scientific symposia have been scheduled which, as usual, for 60 years now will bring teachers, researchers and doctoral students from all over the world to Eris, making the medieval village overlooking the Trapani Sea, the international laboratory of scientific culture even more ” open” in Italy and also more dependent: since 1962 more than 150 Nobels have been awarded among guest speakers, 100 of whom were here before the nomination and award in Stockholm. Not forgetting the call for dialogue and confrontation from the center of Eris: Neutral Earth, a space of hyper-dialectical fragments that was historically frequented by Russian and American scholars in the Cold War years and which has hitherto been open to excellence from all over the world. A world without political and ideological barriers. Evidence of this is that in 2022, out of the approximately 3,300 participants in 41 seminars that are still ongoing and scheduled to be held until December 10, about thirty members – including teachers and students – are from Russia and Ukraine.

In the 2023 calendar, the oldest schools of the Ettore Majorana Foundation stand out, such as the School of Subnuclear Physics, directed by Nobel Prize laureates Gerardus Hooft and Antonio Zucoli, and Schools of Quantum Physics with 45 versions behind it and directed by Arthur. Chester, Dedrick Weersma; Then ethology, named after the famous scientist Danilo Mainardi, which is surrounded by schools of mathematics, medicine and nanomedicine, crystallography, and materials related to physics (non-equilibrium phenomena, neuronal apparatus, radiation damage). But also in archeology, a discipline, the latter is closely related to the millennium history of the region, the homeland of the Yami people, the last Trojans, and the Scuola Normale of Pisa that still guides it today. The Eris School of Archeology was founded by Giuseppe Nenci, a lay scholar and historian of ancient art, and archaeologist Vincenzo Tosa.

Linked in a video from Geneva, Prof. Antonino Zicci explained: “There are 136 Foundation schools active in Eres from March to December 2023 that are open to international students and educators. Already this year we hosted the first Symposium on Hydrogen with the attendance of 60 scientists from the industrial and political world advocates, and a symposium on planetary emergencies, held in August at Default mode. I entrusted a great deal of work to my sons Fabrizio and Lorenzo. During the scientific part, I decided to enlist the help of my brilliant colleague, Antonio Zucoli. I wanted him by my side and appointed co-director of the School of Sub-Nuclear Physics, the first and most decisive of the activities of the Ettore Majorana Foundation ” .

On her part, A. Antonio Zuccoli (INFN) commented: “The Majorana Foundation and Center for Scientific Culture is known worldwide for its activities in the field of science and peace. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to participate directly alongside Professor. Antonino Zicci in the direction of his most prestigious international traditional school, the School of Subnuclear physics”.

Recognized by leading public institutions, universities and international research institutes – MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, WFS (World Federation of Scientists), NATO, CNR, INFN, European Commission Community (CEC), World Wide Fund for Nature, etc. The Majorana Foundation and the Center for Scientific Culture is a self-financed body where participation of teachers takes place, completely free of charge, under a voluntary scientific scheme. Recently, to allow students of Sicilian universities to participate in seminars (whose lectures are behind closed doors), the institution organizes an “open” lesson at the end of each course in which teachers explain the course results and thus share studies and observations with a much wider audience of insiders. Information

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