Harry, who is his real father. Secret messages appear

Harry, who is his real father.  Secret messages appear

Harry He was receiving letters and pictures revealing his father’s true identity. The letters arrived at his villa in Montecito, California, shortly after he returned from London where he attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. A fatal coincidence with rumors circulating again that the Prince is not Charles’ son.

Harry, Carlo will never be his father

The magazine reveals the existence of these mysterious messages New Post Who writes that too Carlo will not be Harry’s real father (While there are those who say To be the king’s secret son). The issue has been moot for years, gossip goes back to the years following Princess Diana’s death in 1997. Mrs. D’s second son was said to have been the result of Zani’s love with a former cavalry officer, James Hewitt, which he has always denied. However, the rumors were very persistent in 2008 Harry underwent a DNA test who proved Carlo’s paternity.

But it resurfaced recently when author Anna Pasternak in her new book, princess in love She published a letter from Diana addressed to her lover that appears to reveal to him that Harry is her son.

Harry, the mysterious and permissive letters

according to New PostIn addition to Diana’s letters, there are other letters questioning Harry’s origin from Charles which the Prince would have received upon his return from London. Also, according to the magazine, these letters come from London and who wrote them did not want to harm him in his role within the monarchy. So he waited until now before sending them to him. Actually now Harry He ceased to be an active member of the royal family and moved to the United States, thousands of kilometers from Great Britain. “So that he can find out the truth and nothing should be hidden.”

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Harry, who will be his real father

The content of these messages is surprising. In fact, according to the mysterious sender, Harry’s father Neither will it be Carlo Nor James Hewitt, but Mark Dyer, former captain of the Royal Guard, who has always appeared at the prince’s side since he was a child. True affairs expert Robert Lacey, author of several books, has confirmed that Harry and Dyer are very close.

Lacey recounted how Mark Dyer always protected Harry, even as he became addicted to cannabis. It was he who accompanied him to the detox center. “Carlo was not aware of it. But when the news broke, the press noted that Carlo praised his bravery as a father who was always present to his children. The PR power used by the then Prince of Wales.” However, Robert Lacey never went so far as to claim that the former captain was so Harry’s father.

Harry, who is Mark Dyer

In any case, it is true that Mark Dyer played an important role in Harry’s upbringing and is still present in his life. Attended his wedding to Meghan Markle and he Godfather to his son Archie.

The closeness of Harry and his brother William since their childhood and the resemblance to Diana’s second son led to rumors that he might be her real father. And also because the princess personally chose him as the children’s companion, along with nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke. In the direct service of Charles and Diana, Lady D appears to have had a long, secret affair with Dyer.

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