Macedonia defeated and Italy defeated

Macedonia defeated and Italy defeated

In the Italian group, Rebrov won 2-0. Scandinavians and Hungarians outperform Kazakhstan and Serbia

In the qualified ad Euro 2024WinsUkraineWithin the Italy group: 2-0 against North Macedonia thanks to Sudakov and Karavaev. In group H, they instead run away Slovenia And DenmarkWhich beat Finland (3-0) and Kazakhstan (3-1) respectively. The direct struggle is now underway for first place in Group Seven To Hungarywho beat Serbia 2-1: Varga and Salaj decided, and Pavlovic’s momentary equalizer was useless.

Group C
In the Italy group, Ukraine won 2-0 and puts North Macedonia in trouble, one step away from bidding farewell to its chances of qualifying for Euro 2024. The hosts become dangerous in the 12th minute with Dovbek’s solo goal, and then shortly after Dimitrievskii’s reaction and Lucky for Modric. But in the 30th minute, a 1-0 draw was inevitable thanks to Sudakov’s right-footed shot, but Serafimov’s apparent deflection caught the visiting goalkeeper by surprise. Six minutes later, Macedonia had its first chance, as Trubin Mevski stopped first, then Ashkovski. There were also chances in the second half: Benfica’s goalkeeper stopped Chorlinov, while Modric committed a blunder at the other end only before Dimitrievskiy, and on the hour mark Matviyenko hit the crossbar with his header from a corner kick. Another powerful blow struck Sudakov in the 81st minute, but this time thanks to a brilliant save from Dimitrievsky. It comes to 2-0 as time expires: Karavaev shoots from almost midfield but with the goalkeeper dramatically out of position. Ukraine’s tally rose to 10 points, the same as Italy’s tally, which has one less match. EnglandInstead, next Tuesday, the Azzurri’s rivals beat Australia 1-0 in a friendly match thanks to a goal Watkins.

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G group
Hungary may be taking the decisive step heading into Euro 2024: in the direct clash for first place, in fact, comes a 2-1 win over Serbia, without Dusan Vlahovic. All the goals were scored on Hungarian soil in the first half: the home side went ahead by an empty goal in the 20th minute, and then the visitors equalized through Pavlovic in the 33rd minute. But the 1-1 score lasted only one minute. Salai Scores the decisive goal. Stojkovic’s substitutions were useless in the second half (including, at the beginning of the second half, substitutions by Juventus player Kostic, who replaced Terzic). Hungary now occupies first place with 13 points, while Serbia occupies second place with 10 points (but one match more than Russia’s men) and Montenegro with 8 points. In the other match in the group, Lithuania beat Bulgaria 2-0, bidding farewell to its hopes once and for all. From the qualifiers. In Sofia, the best on the pitch was Servis, who scored first in the 45th minute and then doubled the lead in the 55th after an assist from Lasikas, whose 74th-minute goal was disallowed instead.

Group H
In Group H the decisive breakthrough could have occurred: Denmark and Slovenia scored two goals, beating Kazakhstan and Finland respectively. formation Hgulmand Putting things into perspective at the end of the first half: in the 36th minute, in fact, Wind gave the home team the lead, but the first two goals scored by Skov were decisive in stoppage time, sending the two teams to the break with a score of 2-0. For the Danes. However, the second goal came at the start of the second half with an assist from Eriksen, so in the 48th minute the score was already 3-0 and the match was over: Vorogovsky’s final stamp was only required for statistics. Now, Denmark is +4 ahead of Finland and Kazakhstan, and is closer than ever to qualifying. Same points for the Slovenians who won 3-0 in the decisive match against Finland. In the 28th minute, the hosts already had a double advantage thanks to Cisco, who scored first from the penalty spot in the 16th minute, and then netted a personal brace. Pohjanpalu enters the second half, but the Scandinavian team is unable to resume the match. And indeed: in the 92nd minute, Ganza concludes the match. But in the head-to-head tie at the bottom of the table, Northern Ireland beat San Marino 3-0: in the 11th minute they already had a double lead thanks to goals from Smith (who scored in the 5th minute and saw a potential brace canceled out) (went off in the 31st minute) and Magennis, then in In the 81st minute, McMenamin scored the final hat-trick.

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