World of Science 10Lab in Sa Manifattura

World of Science 10Lab in Sa Manifattura

Lots of colours, explosions, amazing experiences, buttons to press, objects to build, discovering natural phenomena and the laws that govern them by playing and having fun. In Sa Manifattura Tabacchi in Cagliari until tomorrow, we try and experiment, we travel into the world of science. There is only one rule – unwritten – to be respected in the two days dedicated to the “Inventors in the Family”, the 10Lab of Sardegna Ricerche event: non-touching is forbidden.

While parents and children work as a team, teenagers, on the other hand, do not hide their curiosity and everyone is guided in a simple and fun way to discover those topics that often seem “not for everyone”. But the secret of Inventori di Famiglia’s success lies in its employees. The 10Lab of Sardegna Ricerche, the only scientific center in Sardinia, and the first in Italy completely free, actually consists of a group of researchers able to spread the idea of ​​scientific research. With the desire to spend a fun and entertaining time by explaining the most complex theories thanks to games and practical experiments.

New is Science Street Art, dedicated to street art, integrating art and science. Here they sit on large colorful cushions, large and small, and listen to stories told by Mirco Rivoeira, one of the Umbrian storytellers.

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