Leclerc takes second place, driving Verstappen – OA Sport

Leclerc takes second place, driving Verstappen – OA Sport

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15.40 Magnussen (Haas) does not turn due to a hydraulic leak.

15.40 So far, Ferrari has only used soft tyres, Mercedes has only used hard tyres, while Verstappen has already tested both compounds.

15.39 Gasly, with a soft, 0.429 second.

15.38 Leclerc climbs to second at 0.582, which is equal to rubber with the opponent (hard).

15.36 At the moment, Haas and Alfa Romeos are in the last positions, not a good sign for Ferrari, given that they use the Maranello engine.

15.36 Leclerc makes many driving mistakes.

15.35 Perez, on soft tyres, climbs to fourth at 1 246.9 Sainz at 1 9.

15.34 Alonso, the soft tyre, ranks fifth at 1,493, just ahead of Leclerc.

15.34 Verstappen, after getting the best first split time, deliberately slowed down.

15.33 Risale Leclerc is fifth at 1 566 from Verstappen. Now the Dutchman is back on the track with soft tyres.

15.32 Partial classification:

1 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing 1: 30.888 2
2 Yuki TSUNODA AlphaTauri + 0.822 2
3 Pierre Gasly Alvatore + 0.830 2
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +1476 2
5 Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing + 1.801 2
6 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren + 2,149 2
7 Fernando Alonso Albin + 2157 4
8 Alexander Albon Williams + 21992
9 Lando NORRIS McLaren + 2.636 1
10 Nicholas Latifi Williams + 2.641
11 Esteban OCON Alpine + 2.7962
12 shaft Aston Martin STROLL + 2.951 2
13 Charles Leclerc Ferrari + 3.099 1
14 Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo + 3.353 3
15 Carlos Sainz Ferrari + 3.744 1
16 Nico Hulkenberg Aston Martin +3866 1
17 George Russell Mercedes +4933 2
18 Guanyu ZHOU Alfa Romeo + 5.174 3
19 Team Mick Schumacher Haas F1 + 6221 2
20 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team- – 1

15.31 Ferraris full of petrol, they do a different job than Verstappen does.

15.30 times is not very indicative of Ferraris. Sainz is a 15 by 3″ 744 from Verstappen, Leclerc is 10 by 3″ 099.

15.29 Adjustment work in Verstappen’s Red Bull pits.

15.28 Soft tyres for Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes.

15.26 Here is Ferrari! Solid tires for Leclerc and Sainz, the same tires Verstappen has used so far.

15.26 We start over after the red flag system.

15.25 at Ferrari they seem very confident in their potential. Verstappen has already covered 8 laps, and Sainz and Leclerc have not cut any of them.

15.23 We are always under the red flag, all drivers in the pits. I remember Ferrari hasn’t hit the track yet.

15.21 Here are the pictures of the tarpaulins on the asphalt:

15.20 Bulletin board hits tires by Lando Norris’ McLaren. Hence the discontinuity.

15.20 Updated Ranking:

1 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing 1: 30.888 1
2 Yuki TSUNODA AlphaTauri + 0.822 1
3 Pierre Gasly Alvatore + 0.830 1
4 Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing + 1.801 1
5 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes + 2,104 1
6 Daniel Ricardo McLaren + 2445 1
7 Lando NORRIS McLaren + 2.636 1
8 Esteban OCON Alpine + 2.796 1
9 lances Aston Martin STROLL + 2.951 1
10 Alexander Albon Williams + 3,216 1
11 Nicholas Latifi Williams +3246 1
12 Fernando Alonso Albine + 3,276 3
13 Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo + 3.781 2
14 Nico Hulkenberg Aston Martin +3866 1
15 Guanyu ZHOU Alfa Romeo + 5.302 2
16 Team Mick Schumacher Haas F1 + 6221 2

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15.19 41 minutes at the end of FP1.

15.18 Even the tires were not fitted to the Sainz Ferrari. Hopefully, they on the Maranello team know what they’re doing and that they’re not guilty of assuming.

15.17 red flag! One of the advertising banners lost parts of it, and it ended up on the asphalt. Now the path will need to be cleaned, but it will not be long.

15.16 Verstappen continues to improve. 1’30 888. He rides hard on solid tires.

15.15 Hamilton is fifth at 1,694.

15.13 We remind you that qualifying and the race will take place at night, which is probably also why Ferrari is in no hurry to go out on the track. Now it’s daylight and temperatures are much higher than they would be when it really mattered.

15.12 Verstappen improved, 1’31 298. Tsunoda second at 1 090. Gazelle third at 1″ 203. So far Red Bull and Elftawy are doing well.

15.11 No time yet even for Haas, Alfa Romeo or Ferrari-powered cars.

15.10 Hamilton climbed to second at 1 107. Remember that the British use soft tyres, and the Dutch use hard tyres.

15.10 Ferrari likely waits on the track to clean itself of sand as the lanes take off.

15.09 Partial classification:

1 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing 1: 31.885 1
2 Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing + 1.136 1
3 Yuki Tsunoda Alpha Tauri +1474 1
4 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren + 2178 1
5 Pierre Gasly Alvatore + 2.483 1
6 Lando NORRIS McLaren + 2.758 1
7 Nicholas Latifi Williams +3373 1
8 Esteban OCON Alpine + 3.387 1
9 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +3826 1
11 Alexander Albon Williams + 4,644 1
12 Nico Hulkenberg Aston Martin + 4900 1

15.08 Ferrari selection is required or is there some problem? Unusual choice to stall this way in the pits.

15.06 Ferraris are still in the pits. Hamilton is now pushing 1 5 from Verstappen, although there are two compounds in advantage.

15.05 Verstappen immediately leads on the first available lap: 1’34 167, 2 Ocon at 1″ 105.

15.04 1’36″ 531 Tsunoda grips with solid tyres. In 7 tenths of Perez.

15.03 Leclerc is still outside the car and is now wearing his helmet. Some modifications to the car by mechanics.

15.03 Also here is the Mercedes with soft tyres.

15.02 Red Bulls from Verstappen and Perez on the track with solid tyres. Ferrari and Mercedes are still stuck in the pits.

15.01 The track is very dirty and covered in sand.

15.00 First to take to the track are Alonso and Ocon Alpines.

15.00 The third driver, Antonio Giovinazzi, is also in the Ferrari garage.

15.00 green light! The first free practice for the 2022 Saudi Arabia race has begun!

14.57 In Bahrain, Red Bull proved very competitive at the end of the strait, as Carlos Sainz also admitted. We’ll see how Ferrari will respond in terms of setup: this is a track that requires less payload than a slate.

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14.55 five minutes from the start of FP1.

14.53 The first session of free training, as well as the second and third, will take 60 minutes.

14.50 Ferrari has not made any progress compared to the Bahrain Grand Prix.

14.45 novelty drive track, the engine relies a lot on the long straights. We will see how the challenge between Ferrari and Red Bull will respond. Will the Mercedes stay far or close?

14.42 Sebastian Vettel has not yet recovered from Covid. So it will be up to Nico Hulkenberg once again with Alfa Romeo.

14.40 Creators Rating:

1. Ferrari 44

2. Mercedes 27

3. Hass 10

4. Alfa Romeo 9

5. Alpine 8

6. AlphaTauri 4

7. Red Bull 0

7. McLaren 0

7. Aston Martin 0

7. Williams 0

14.35 Drivers’ Championship classification after the first race:

1. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 26

2. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) 18

3. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 15

4. George Russell (Mercedes) 12

5. Kevin Magnussen (Haas) 10

6- Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) 8

7. Esteban Ocon (Alpine) 6

8. Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri) 4

9- Fernando Alonso (Alpine) 2

10 – Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo) 1

11. Mick Schumacher (Haas) 0

12. Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) 0

13. Alexander Albon (Williams) 0

14. Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) 0

15. Lando Norris (McLaren) 0

16. Nicholas Latifi (Williams) Zero

17. Nico Hulkenberg (Aston Martin) 0

18. Sergio Perez (Red Bull) 0

19. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 0

20. Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) 0

14.30 However, one fact must be emphasized. The ‘accurate’ Hamilton-Verstappen-Bottas podium is not the most frequent in F1 history. This priority belongs to the standings. Hamilton Rosberg Vettelthat went well 8 times between 2014 and 2016. Obviously, here too we must take into account the large number of races and the crystallization of values ​​that have characterized Formula 1 over the past decade.

14.25 to score, out of the 20 occasions in which Lewis, Max and Valtteri took the top three, 7 Group exit times Hamilton Verstappen Bottas. at 6 We have cases Hamilton Bottas Verstappen. at 3 Ranking was GP Verstappen Hamilton Bottas. about 2 times was sequence Bottas Hamilton Verstappen. Finally, there are two platforms Uniqueit’s a Bottas Verstappen Hamilton And the Verstappen Bottas Hamilton. Be that as it may, all six possible combinations have occurred at least once!

14.20 But what happened in Jeddah in 2021 still matters. This is the race 20 times Hamilton, Verstappen and Bottas climbed the podium all. No other three pilots participated in The three centers Many times like them! Of course, there are factors that favored it “Trinity”. First of all, the large number of contested Grand Prix races in modern times, and secondly, the crystallization of values ​​in the past two years. However, a strange fact remains. 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix likely to remain the last one All three appeared on the podium at the same time, as the Finn left the Mercedes.

14.15 Tracking the statistical history of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is ​​very fast, and really not very meaningful. hat trick Lewis Hamilton, who then won in 2021 for first place, victory and fastest lap of the race. Mercedes’ absolute mistress, especially since then Valtteri Bottas Accompanying the foreman on the podium, he reached third place. Represents the only “intruder” in the victory of the Stuttgart company Max VerstappenSecond place.

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14.10 Second edition of Saudi Arabia Grand Prix It will just happen 112 days After the first! That’s because the race’s place on the World Cup calendar was changed, moving it from the end of the season to the start of the season. At least the single seat will be very different from those who competed on the same track last December, as the regulatory revolution that Liberty Media wanted came into effect in the meantime.

14.05 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live stream of the first free practice session of the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in Jeddah.

How to follow the free practice of Saudi Arabia doctorIntroducing GP to Saudi Arabia

Hello and welcome again Live broadcast of the free training sessions for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the second round of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship. On the Jeddah track, teams and drivers will work hard to find the best possible setup for their vehicle.

Ferrari wants to assert itself. Red, fresh from the magical duo for the first time in Sakhir (Bahrain), is ready to repeat the same performance. It is clear that the goal is not easy on a circuit with certain characteristics: a very fast street circuit, with so many successive curves that it will be important to have a very efficient car from an aerodynamic point of view.

On paper, Red Bull may have some other opportunities. The RB18, as far as can be seen in Bahrain, in terms of efficiency, appears to be the best car of the group, while Ferrari stands out in terms of its mechanical grip. We’ll see if and how much the preparation and adapting to the layout change these aspects. To check whether and to what extent the reliability issues the Milton Keynes had in the first round would affect their performance in the event.

A reaction from Mercedes . is also expected. While on the podium with Lewis Hamilton, the W13 showed a series of problems that Brackley must solve as quickly as possible. Toto Wolff talked about the overdraft, which could somehow include the whole.

Brought to you by OA Sport Live broadcast of the free training sessions for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the second round of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship: Real-time news and constant updates. FP1 starts at 15.00 Italian, while the second session is scheduled to start at 18.00. Enjoy!

Photo: La Presse

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