LIVE TMW – Naples, Spalletti: “They are stronger than us and I am inferior to Xavi”

Napoli falls, clearly defeated 4-2 by Barcelona in Maradona. Coming soon at the press conference Luciano Spalletti

Could there be psychological effects after this defeat?
“After a few episodes, we have to be honest and say they are stronger than us. Certainly there were complications for us that exacerbated that difference that was and was there. I’m less good than us. Xavi, I congratulate him and I’m realistic. Right realizing that I am inferior. I also give him a gift and then go to get back what is the level I should play against other teams, in a situation where I still play a lot as far as I’m concerned.”

Did he expect a different ability to interact from his parents?
“Tonight everything went wrong from a rings point of view. They were very good at pointing out our mistakes, when we got back to 2-1 when we re-established the correct distances, and then immediately took 3-1 before going back to the locker room. That’s a situation It’s all in their favour and from our point of view we put it in great difficulty. The low construction catches the ball a lot. We couldn’t realize we could manage some exits differently. We’re sorry, the atmosphere is set in Naples this evening. We had a lot to get everyone back on the pitch and we’re sorry Doubly so for not being able to manage the match.”

What happened in the first goal?

“We wanted to make a short exchange, but there was a misunderstanding and we played it badly. They replayed this, you could have corrected things by making a tactical mistake but we didn’t succeed. With the speed they have. On the open field it’s hard to catch. These things happen, You have to control it and move on. Sometimes by moving the ball in a corner kick we score a goal, this time we hold on to it. I’m the one who asked to win a soccer corner like this.”

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On the whistles in Insigne
“I’ve heard a few, some have been there. Tonight the boy showed he cared, even in the penalty he was brave. I read the boos more as a reaction to disappointment on the part of the fans.”

Does the team have a decrease in aggression?

“There are some races that don’t match your characteristics, there you have to have a different attitude but you don’t always succeed. It can depend on many factors, in Cagliari they were seen starving for salvation more. Tonight we did what we did. We had to do it from the point of view of Trying to play the game, and then there were these episodes that popped up on us every time we got back into balance in the course of the game. We made a lot more mistakes than them when we had the ball, they were better than us at running it.”

Napoli come out of the cups in February. What is the signal?
“It’s a sign that we’ve lost a few games, but I don’t see it as a definitive sign. We’re going to draw the sums at the end of the season by evaluating everything a little bit, and now we have to take note of what’s going on by doing the analyzes properly without getting emotionally involved, because we’re still playing a lot” .

00.10 Closing of Luciano Spalletti’s press conference.

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