Pogba not called up for disciplinary reasons: Juventus skip Friborg

Pogba not called up for disciplinary reasons: Juventus skip Friborg

Turin Paul Pogba will not participate in Juventus – Freiburgfirst stop in Round of 16 of the European League. This time, however, it wasn’t his physical condition that cost him the call-up, but the delay to his pre-game retreat. Pogba does not appear in the list of players who will face the Germans tonight: there is no explanation other than the absence of number 10 in Juventus. Second disciplinary action against a Juventus player after the fine imposed on him Moise Kean For being sent off after 40 seconds against Roma on Sunday.

Juventus and disciplinary problems in a busy season

At the start of the season, injuries determined the Bianconeri’s journey. Last week, when the situation seemed to have returned to calm, first Kane and then Pogba took an interest in stirring things up. “Since we have three months and a lot of matches, we need everyone, regardless of mistakes, – he explained Massimiliano Allegri At the press conference -. Mistakes we all make, he (Ken, Mr. DrHe did that, pushed and he will come out more mature.” Today it was Pogba’s turn to make the mistake mentioned by the coach, that is, to break the rules of the group, a slip that will not allow him to take this night and to extend the pause that makes one’s nose go up: after supporting the player during the period of injury, and accepting him on Reluctant to the Frenchman’s decisions on his course of treatment, it seemed all was now behind us.The worst: Allegri would forgive him for having done so many times with Kane yet it cannot be denied that the new Pogba remains a distant relative to the one who made Juventus fans fall in love on and off pitch.

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Juventus between Freiburg and trials: the FIFA Public Prosecutor’s Office still needs time

by Domenico Marchesi

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