Spalletti is far away, Napoli is already thinking about the future

Spalletti is far away, Napoli is already thinking about the future

Osiri chief: “…and nobody has to do that with me. Spalletti is great, but freedom is immeasurable. The important thing is to be grateful.”

One day suddenly it seems that he is back after a year, when Aurelio De Laurentiis seems to be about to part ways with Luciano Spalletti a month after the end of the last tournament. I showed him the door in an undisguised way. “If and when he wants to leave, we will shake hands and nothing will happen.” On the other hand, the first season ended with ups and downs. The eliminations from the cups were very evident, as was the structural collapse of the workforce that in the latter part ended up expelling Napoli from the title race. Generally the coachman’s work was considered good, and the possible exemption would have been poorly accommodated in a policy of lowering the wage bill. The franchises are now deeply different, after their third championship win, but frictions and frictions are resurfacing, perhaps irreparable.

last meeting

However, the conditional is still essential, in analyzing a relationship that collapsed at the most inconceivable moment. Most likely there will be another, final, meeting with Spalletti. In a more discreet setting, perhaps in the quietness that the walls of Castel Volturno can guarantee. The instructor was burned by the treatment he received, in connection with such an important milestone. He was expecting an invitation to discuss a new contract, with approval both in terms of term and salary, and the cancellation of the 8 million fine in the event of resignation. an amount higher than the earnings of the previous two seasons, firmly bound. Instead, without speaking of it, De Laurentiis informed him via email that he had exercised the option to renew unilaterally, in the days leading up to the first leg in Udine. A move that surprised the coach because he felt his self-confidence had failed without making it clear. Thinking about the future with only one guaranteed year, he considered it ironic, the disappointment of staying in sixth place only to share among his fellow League One players made him bitter. Last week’s dinner was introductory, and the chief objected to his being out of glasses and not saying much in public. And yesterday, on the sidelines of the medal presentation to celebrate the third scudetto, he savored De Laurentiis’s words as farewell: “Spalletti is a champion and champions must find room to express themselves at their best, he found it with our work and everything. Better if you are in Naples? There is no doubt that freedom There is invaluable and invaluable good in life, we must not cut anyone’s wings, as no one should do that with me. We have to keep in touch. The important thing is to be grateful to those who gave you and to those who received them. Che da da da da da da, chi ha-kan, scordamos’ or passat sem e napoli paisa“.

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The potential for rupture calls for contemplation. And discussions are already underway between dreams and desires. International profiles belong to the first category. Klopp is the brainchild based on mutual appreciation that has not been hidden and consolidated over time: the first contacts date back to 2013. Benitez, who will already be entrusted to the bench that summer, will be the tangible returner. And then there’s Conte, who was defined five years ago as “the perfect colonel to enforce the rules.” This list also includes De Zerbi, who is armored by Brighton with a clause of 13 million. Others lead to Italiano and Gasperini, two personalities capable of promoting the power of ideas, from modern football’s philosophy and attack.

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