Live broadcast – Lazio, Sarri: “One-way arbitration. At Acerbi-Marusic…”

Live broadcast – Lazio, Sarri: “One-way arbitration. At Acerbi-Marusic…”

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there Lazio Still losing out in a full recovery. After a great first half he finished up with a goal Propertyfirst Jerrod Then Tonali Invert the score and give Milan The three points. Biancoceleste coach Maurizio Sarri Speak at the press conference live below by D

After such an intense match, how much do you regret the final? Do you have an explanation for the many goals scored in the last few minutes?

“The regret is strong because the team gave everything they had tonight. The first half played at a high level, in the second half, as expected, we went down because for us it was a very difficult week, affected by the players. Some fever until yesterday. It was clear that many would not They can play 90 minutes. We suffered 10-15 minutes after 1-1, after substitutions, we came back to the match and lost because of foolishness, for a mistake at a time when there is no longer suffering. Sorry for that, but I must confess to the boys who, with all The difficulties they faced, they fought to the end.”.

What do you think of Akbari laughter after the Milan goal?

“The chatter doesn’t interest me. I think it’s a bitter laugh that appears in such a situation, but let’s talk about football.”.

Since there was such a difficult confrontation between Akbery and Marozick, can you explain what happened?

“When you score in the 92nd minute, there are a lot of difficult comparisons in the dressing room”.

But it happened on the field…

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“I didn’t see him, I’ll tell you when I see him. Then they’ll tell me what happened and I don’t know”.

Often there were episodes where Lazio got hurt, all the clubs talked about the referees, how upset are you about managing matches where players are beaten and no one is protesting?

“There we get into a subtle rhetoric. The protesting team has personality, and it depends on how well you’re allowed to protest. So it’s not a personal rhetoric, but a letter of strength. I think you’ve all seen tonight’s arbitration. Biased, but I felt it was judging in one direction in several.” Occasions “.

Do you think it is restricted to a team with European ambitions not to have certain alternatives?

“Having Pedro on the bench tonight would be important, and it’s also clear that a very high-ranking replacement for Immobile is almost impossible. Immobile does extraordinary things and one has to win 3-0 before being pulled out, otherwise he thinks it’s ten thousand times.” To get him out. Finding a high-ranking player who can accept the situation here as a central striker is very difficult.”.

In the conference before the match you said that Milan can get hurt even when not in control, is that true?

“We were ahead right in the first half, then in the second half after 1-1 we had the worst moment of the match because we were in great pain. In the final, after the changes we made, the situation was very balanced and we were not conceding anything. Then from It is clear that Milan can be dangerous even when they are not in control, because they have two or three players who have uncommon acceleration and therefore even with one action they can hurt you. This is part of the characteristics of their players.”.

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