There will also be an MMORPG in development on the same universe, for leaker –

There will also be an MMORPG in development on the same universe, for leaker –

According to well-known leaker Skullzi, who has long specialized in starfieldBethesda is planning too media It’s related to the same universe of the space RPG that will be arriving in November on PC and Xbox, suggesting that we have evidence to support the hypothesis.

This is clearly a rumor, and skelzy He further reiterates that this is just speculation, but also reports that he can provide “evidence” in support of this thesis, which will be published in an upcoming video on his YouTube channel.

What might make us take the question into account is the fact that the same source has published some in the past Preparatory materials and photos From the seemingly original Starfields, although there are no exact confirmations yet, except for a few occasional clues such as some aspects of the game’s design and associated merchandising.

It’s not clear how an MMORPG can relate to a game that has to be primarily single-player and with a somewhat free approach, but the idea is that some kind of interconnected relationship could emerge like the one that led to the creation of Fallout 76 from a series that previously didn’t provide an online multiplayer game. , or take advantage of same universe.

However, we look forward to any information, considering everything is just a rumor. In Starfield we recently saw the trailer for Comrade Vasco and the “In the Starfield Part 2” video about the game world.

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