March 31, 2023

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Capital gains, that dishonest astonishment

All is well, Except for surprise and indignation. Let’s leave those things aside, we – people who have lived in football and soccer for at least a quarter of a century – look better. Then everyone decides whether to be just or guarantor, loser or defender, the luck of living in a democracy legitimizes everyone’s opinions. But No one dares to say that we have discovered the “phantom” and pre-organized capital gains through the objections of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in TurinPerhaps he adds with shocking expression: «Of course what appeared…»Because it will not be serious, honest and valuable. We knew everything. everybody. And we wrote about it in peace. Capital gains have been used since 2000 to shore up the balance sheets of dozens of Italian clubs.

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Juventus judged the crowd’s motives and anger: “Is it a crime to break a non-existent law?”

Established practice

Their programming in advance, calculating the amount required to supply the accounts with oxygen according to a systematic mechanism that has disturbed the Federal Court of Appeal, is a standard practice in Italian football to the extent that its champions exist or, better, Its “Kings”, as Piero Ausilio, respected sports director of Inter, one of the best players in the market and management of the youth sector, defined on July 2, 2019 as the “king of capital gains” and not as an “enemy” or “partisan against” newspapers, but by or fcinternews .it which occupied the Tuttosport page from the day before, where the Nerazzurri ds was celebrated. With these words:The sparkling wine, which had been on ice for a few days, was open yesterday when the change was announced Andrea Pinamonte to Genoa (Loan of 1 million with commitment to purchase at 18) e Hall in Sassuolo (Explicit) …… to the collection – among other things – should be added Zenho Vanheusden Which would result in his transfer to Standard Liège 12 million plus a percentage on the resale in favor of Inter. Piero Ausilio, Inter’s sporting director since 2010, has once again completed the task given to him by Suning: to achieve 40 million capital gains by June 30.». So, according to the ceremonial reconstruction, the ownership of Inter proved that 40 million were needed and the sporting director began making capital gains, and he succeeded. Where have we already read a similar story these days? For the record, sifting through Transfertmarkt we learn that Vanheusden It was sold in the summer of 2019 to Standard Liège for 11.74 million, and was bought back by Inter on July 13, 2021 for 16.2 million (when its value according to the site was 2). Pinamonte He was bought by Genoa on 1 September 2020 for 19.5 million (assessed value £13.5) and then on 18 September 2020 he was bought back by Inter for 21 million. nothing, mind you, None of these operations are illegal or violate any regulations. Unless you see it as arguing that systematic planning and execution of capital gains is a serious violation of Article 4.

Juventus What do you say the reasons for the sentence: Commentary by director Guido Vacchiago

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Juventus What do you say the reasons for the sentence: Commentary by director Guido Vacchiago

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