Report cards for Cagliari-Rome, the wonders of Lorenzo and Felix break the game: this is how the Giallorossi conquers Sardinia

Report cards for Cagliari-Rome, the wonders of Lorenzo and Felix break the game: this is how the Giallorossi conquers Sardinia
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CAGLIARI ROME REPORT – Triumph of strength and nerves in return. over there RomeAfter a good draw, he won against him Naples, he goes to Cagliari in the match valid for the tenth day of the Italian Serie A and consolidates fourth place in the standings. All this happens in the second half: Pavoletti deceives the Rossoblo fans, Ibanez equalizes and fixes Pellegrini with a superb free kick, the score is 2-1.

Cagliari-Rome Report Cards

Rui Patricio 7. Decisive. There are few other words to describe him because the miracle in Pavoletti’s header keeps Rome alive and allows him to scurry back.

Karsdorp 6. It is not always easy to win the duel with Lykogiannis and in the first half he failed to move forward continuously. Better in the second half when he finds the playing field as well as a few good forward hunch.

Mancini 6. It wasn’t related to Pavoletti to mark the goal, but there is certainly an excuse for our fatal mistake. Then he also devours the possibility of a tie that finds after a few minutes, ironically, the comrade in the department.

Ibanez 6,5. He’s also watching when Pavoletti tries to send Cagliari to heaven. But Roger knows how to forgive and starts Roma’s comeback with a great nod: he savors it.

Us 4,5. He did little in the first half and in the 12 minutes of the second left on the field, he made a fatal error that paved the way for Cagliari for the momentary 1-0 goal.

Kristanti 6. He certainly hurts more than Napoli’s scintillating performance. However, in the final, he fights in the penalty area and contributes to regaining the three points.

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veritout 5,5. Rest periods to restart the action can be counted on the fingers of one hand (or maybe just one?) as he struggles to increase speed and is often very inaccurate when he has to play the ball.

Zaniolo 6.5. He’s in the heat of the game and Lykogiannis always struggles to contain it. He has a great chance on his head to equalize in the second half, then is decisive when he recovers the ball and receives the foul that led to Lorenzo Pellegrini’s penalty. The target is missing, but with these offers it will come soon.

7 . pilgrims. On the twenty-sixth attempt, wonders arrive, at the most important moment. After a difficult match in which he failed to ignite his light, and thus the light of Roma, he found a stunning free kick strike that gives the Giallorossi three points too heavy.

Mkhitaryan 5. The poor performance continued on Sunday. Still intangible and boring, practically a ghost in the difficult first half of Rome in the Unipol Domus.

Ibrahim 5. If on other occasions, despite not scoring a goal, we extended him for his work with the team and off goal, but today, everything is missing. Performance is practically non-existent, without being able to do anything useful to his teammates.

from 46El Shaarawy 6. He manages to make Mkhitaryan more lively (even if he doesn’t take much) and is also the protagonist in a kick over the head that almost becomes a great help to Abraham. In general, it can do a lot.

D 57 Avena Jian 7. The sudden move, and decisive at least from a tactical point of view. He constantly moves around the offensive section, which puts Cagliari in difficulty reading and opens up spaces for his own attacks: game-breaking.

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From 80′ Calaviore 5.5. He enters with a lot of madness and immediately takes on the yellow that requires his contribution to the final.

D. 91′ Kumbulla sv. Sacramento sends him to the field to give strength to defend the score.

Sacramento 6,5. Whether it’s his intuition or Mourinho’s intuition, it changes quite a bit. After a difficult start in which Roma struggled to find space, the light arrived: Felix on the pitch to create space and numerical superiority in attack. From there everything changes with the team finding the game and, finally, even the goal. Three points weigh on Milan. He won’t forget a Wednesday night easily.

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