Morata, Joffe doesn’t want to be cornered

Juventus does not live in an ideal situation, in fact, the Bianconeri must understand very well what to do with the offensive section, where the average goal is low and certainly not enough.

It is clear that at Juventus they wanted to seize a striker, leave the department unchanged, and then calmly decide what to do in June. The management’s plans, however, have been practically scrapped by the intentions of Alvato Morata who appears increasingly to be heading towards a change of scenery, returning to Spain, to Barcelona where Xavi would like it at all costs.

put to close – Juve’s position is not optimal, the Bianconeri do not want to be cornered and certainly would have liked the ball to be in his hand, without suffering from the decision of others, in practice, given that the player is still tied to them until June with the possibility of recovering it, they do not want To bear the decision of the Catalans.

grow morata On top of that, the Spaniard, after a few really negative months, seems to be growing, with seven goals he is the team’s second top scorer, but he has had a long negative period that could end, given that in the last few games he has seemed to be growing.

You will need two Moreover, if Juventus with Morata in the team was looking for a striker, then without Morata they had to look for two, which is not a simple search at all, with the players being able to increase the level of the team.

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Thus, the situation is by no means simple, the Bianconeri have to decide what to do well, an essential step to manage the fight in fourth place and not make bad choices in a division that is not going through an exceptional moment.

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