Here is the best way according to science

Here is the best way according to science

Cooking, What’s the Best Way According to Science: Have you ever thought about it? It seems to be so, details.

technological progress e Access to home appliances It has led us, over time, to try a lot more in the kitchen by diversifying the different cooking methods.

What is the best way to cook? (Photo: Pixabay).

But what’s the best way to cook our favorite dishes? Apparently, it appears to be so; Here are the details about it, have you ever thought about it?

Cooking, here’s the best way according to science

Obviously, not all dishes allow you to Try different types of cooking; The pasta, without boiling a pot of water, is barely cooked and has the same flavour.

In principle, many other foods can be cooked in a frying pan or in the oven or in the microwave; Although this last appliance consumes a lot of energy, it seems to be the recommended cooking method.

To confirm it too Humanitas Institute, which focuses on different cooking methods also to avoid waste; apparently, Microwave cooking is not only fast but also anti-waste.

Foods placed inside are cooked by the movements of particles stimulated by the oven; It does not use fat and allows minimal loss of vitamins and minerals in food, thus it is healthy as well. The microwave also has several options: On some models, in addition to the defrosting function, it also has a function that allows steam cooking.

The best way to cook
Microwave cooking recommended: healthy, fast, and waste-free (Photo: Pixabay).

There is, too Boiling in a pressure cooker Recommended, as it allows cooking in short times (even if not as short as microwave times) to avoid wasting electricity or gas; For example, even with pasta, once the water reaches a boiling point, you can turn off the gas and cover the pot with a lid.

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Anyway, no matter what kind of cooking you choose, it is It’s always good not to skip the times And not to enter (in the case of the oven) the smoke point. What cooking method do you usually use the most?

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