Criscito and Juventus balls

Criscito and Juventus balls

Cristo balls and juventus. This is the title of Roberto Picantini’s piece in Genoa and Juventus. Here is the journalist’s analysis from his blog pages: “The people of Marassi always deserve ten, but to score two goals against Genoa, do not be upset, more is needed. Juventus needed”, this “Juventus. Advance with Dybala (right), close to doubling very much. This fate does not tie him to his finger. Oman Pole, OK, but we want to talk about Kane? A disaster already in the first half. They all missed, really all of them: including the last, with an empty net and Serigo missing, in a counterattack by Morata.

Blessin’s Genoese didn’t understand little, and it wasn’t that they believed so much now. But he couldn’t excuse himself. If Cuadrado, removed, is in the heart version with a q, then De Sciglio does even worse: he slept on Gudmunsson, at 87′, and he was the same. reveals narrowed arm in the 95th minute and it was a penalty kick. Criscito, a veteran of the derby’s fault, turned him around with a bravery that honors him. man with balls

For the record and for an anecdote, shortly before Rabiot tried to open the door for my prince, but Chesney, who had just returned from a very big dribble, put a patch on him. Remember Allegri Dybala who, after playing on the “winger” (as captain), split the Gray, Vlahovic (little things, not only because of him but also), Merretti (very good), Arthur. There was Alex Sandro, there was Aki, there was always Kane (it’s not about revolution, it’s about reporting), there’s no longer Juventus. The hope (or alibi, I’m afraid) is that Madama, at 1-0, was already thinking about Inter and the cup final. You can’t always live by the rings: can you, Allegri? VOICE FROM BACK: But he wasn’t on the field, he didn’t miss, the goals. Of course: but even Venezia – I repeat, with all due respect: Venice, lower class – got into the heart of the institution. play. And sticking to absences, given the aforementioned opponents, does not seem better.

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For the old Grifo, a return in true style keeps the miracle of salvation alive. For La Vecchia, very bad page.”

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