Lecco beat Foggia in Zaccaria 1 to 2

Lecco beat Foggia in Zaccaria 1 to 2

The unfortunate knockout of Foggia, defeated by Lecco back in the final first leg of the Serie A qualifiers, which will decide on Sunday 18 June who will participate with Catanzaro, Feralbi Salou and Reggiana in the next Serie B championship.

Leo took the lead after just six minutes of play, Benzautti responded to the guests in the 28th minute, and expert Libor answered four minutes from the end with a brilliant free kick from 25 meters, the Rossoneri goalkeeper could not do anything.

Good Foggia, especially in the second half, was not enough to avoid a joke. The referee is accused: the Rossoneri claim a goal disallowed by Ogunsi, a penalty not awarded for paying Frigerio and also conceding – for an uncalled foul – a corner kick that allowed the guests to reach for a moment. balance.

Race report

In front of 12,000 spectators, Foggia passes in the sixth minute of the match with Leo, well prepared for the developments of a corner kick that Peralta beats. The Rossoneri defender’s header was denied by Milgrady, but he was forced to concede the second attempt. The net swells and Zakaria explodes.

Lecco does not agree and tries to restore parity with Lepore, but Dalmasso keeps a good goalkeeper and deflects the shot into a corner kick. Pinzauti is tested by progressing to a higher level than anyone else, but I saw him not worry the Rossoneri goalkeeper.

In the 16th, we see Foggia again: on a Costa cross from the left, Providence enters by captain Selcak, who expects everyone and sends a corner kick. Bjarkason tries after a minute but shoots too high.

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On cue is 18 Zuccon’s for the guests, but ends up short. Four minutes later, Tordini coordinates and finishes a right-footed shot, but finds teammate Zampataro’s header along the path.

And in the 28th minute, the referee did not see a mistake on Bjarkason near the goal flag, which Foggia defended, and threw a corner kick for the guests. Pinzauti collects Lepore’s piece with a header and scores behind an innocent Dalmasso.

He jumped out of Foggia in the 33rd minute but Frigerio didn’t take advantage of Ogunseye’s bank. In the 42nd minute, Bosso scares the hosts away, but Dalmasso is not surprised. A minute later, Chinetti tried from the edge of the area, but his shot was denied. In the 44th minute, Zampataro appeared in front of Dalmasso, but was stopped in an irregular position by the line assistant.

the other half

Just three minutes later, Satanelli took the lead again with Ogunseye. The match manager intervened and canceled due to a slight push by the centre-forward on the Lombard captain.

Two minutes later, Foggia claimed a penalty after pushing Frigerio, who sent his head high in an attempt to block Melgrati’s rebuff from Chinetti’s shot. In the 55th minute, coach Rossi’s youth reappeared in the opponent’s penalty area, but Shenetti “peeled” the ball with a pass from Peralta.

In excitement 59 in the small region of Foggia. Close to the 62nd minute a brilliant action by De Noya who finds the miraculous Milgrati on his way: his shot is directed with his right foot to a corner kick, Ogunsi in its developments anticipates everyone with a header but misses the target.

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In the 70th minute, the striker tried again with a header, collecting a cross from Rizzo’s left, but four minutes from the end Libor froze Zakaria with a wonderful free kick from 25 meters. The Rossoneri managed to get it back in the 91st minute with Iacoboni, who does everything himself but shoots just over the bar.

Thus ends, without the “Zona Foggia” amid controversy.

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