Juventus, not just Bonucci: all the purists, from Arthur to Zaccaria. and Alex Sandro… | first page

Juventus, not just Bonucci: all the purists, from Arthur to Zaccaria.  and Alex Sandro… |  first page

The case, up in the air but definitively exploded with an official status, is the one associated with Leonardo Bonucci: no longer just outside the plans, but actually outside the team. The task of finding a suitable solution will fall to the entourage of the (now former) Juventus captain. But in Juventus there are other players who are in the same conditions as Bonucci: they will train separately, they will not leave for the USA, they will be fired and not only in the transfer market. Announce layoffs returning from the loan. Others who are thought to be simply at the end of the race but are still only in the balance. But also young people who have not blossomed as hoped and are destined to travel elsewhere.

Repetition – Not a lot of mysteries, even Weston McKennie is put practically on the same level as Bonucci, Leeds’ relegation spoiled plans and the player’s string of ‘no’ to alternative paths (see Galatasaray) complicates everything. from Arthur However, all is now known, a loan is being worked on to try and limit the damage, and there are Crystal Palace and Fiorentina among others. to Dennis Zakaria Negotiations are underway, namely the negotiations with West Ham: complex, on loan with the right to break the offer evaluation within 20, the request remained 25 with a guaranteed commitment, the last final offer did not exceed 13. And then Locke PilgrimsLazio gets more complicated and proposes to half of Europe. Then Marco Bjacaalso for free.

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Young – A young man, perhaps not very young. telenovela Filippo closed frog, to Empoli on loan with the right and the corresponding right of redemption. Final solutions are being sought for both Gianluca Frabutta that Hans Nicolosi Caviglia, But also Matthias Sully Also on the market by personal choice (I read here).

balanced – out “Bonucci Award” there Alex Sandro and Daniel Rogani, also for reasons of numerical necessity precisely in view of the tour. But they also know that they are utterly expendable, and even more so: one year after the deadline, if they find a team to their liking, Juventus will certainly not keep them.

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