LIVE TMW – Donnarumma: “Happy for Milan, but not sorry for not staying”

LIVE TMW – Donnarumma: “Happy for Milan, but not sorry for not staying”

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12.30 – it will be Gianluigi Donnarumma To answer journalists’ questions today at Coverciano. The national team goalkeeper will speak on the third day of the Azzurri’s retreat, who are preparing for the Wembley final against Argentina.

Yesterday spoke at Coverciano Alessandro Florenzi: click here To re-read his press conference.

13.20 – Gianluigi Donnarumma arrives in the press room.

Does this Champions League say Courtois is the best goalkeeper in Europe?
“Sure, yesterday I watched the match and played a great match, Real Madrid kept him strong until the end. He made me feel a little, we could have been there, but unfortunately football is like that. They won and I congratulate them. Courtois, he made great tackles.”

Will your future be more peaceful?
“It hasn’t been an easy year, but I’m still always working hard. I’m always at the disposal of the Italian team. No problem, you just have to start over and do it in the best possible way.”

What will you miss about Chiellini?
“Everything about Giorgio will be missed, both on and off the pitch, he has been a reference point for Italian and world football, especially for us youngsters. He gave us a big hand, and now we want to give him great joy. I miss him on the pitch, it’s really great. .and always giving you a helping hand, even with a simple word.”

How was the first season in Paris Saint-Germain?
“Being a part of such a team and such a team helps you a lot, rotating the goalkeeper is not easy but this season has helped me from all points of view.”

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How did you react to Milan Scudetto? Is there any new donnarumma?
“After winning the title, the perfect year was the Scudetto in Milan and I congratulate them, they did a great job and I’m proud of them. For a goal, there are Bastoni, Raspadori and Scamaca … But now we have to start over, the disappointment of the World Cup is still there and we have to win.” On Wednesday. We have to start playing well and get great results.”

Was it a mistake I suffered in Real Paris Saint-Germain? Anything to say to San Siro fans in light of Italy’s return in September?
“For me, yes, it was a mistake. We could have managed it better, even then. Unfortunately, football is rings and we have dominated before. We have a great team and great champions. At San Siro, I think of myself and my team. What he thinks People should not influence us: I only say that when I am in the Italy shirt, we should cheer for Italy.”

What is the season for you? What is Raiola’s loss to you?
“It’s been a complicated year. But you have to start over, you have to accept that and move on, you have to work harder than before. In Raiola, I say I had a great relationship and the shower was really cold. I always want to remember him with a smile, he’s He always wanted to do something important for the players, and he would give us great strength.”

Are you coming back to Wembley on Wednesday, what are your feelings and what is your future in the national team?
“We must not forget what we did in the European Championship, this is a great group and they gave us an amazing result. The disappointment of not being in the world championship is still fresh, we are still disappointed. It hurts, some players won’t stay longer with us but we must. Young people return Italy to where it deserves.

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I said it’s not easy for a goalkeeper to take turns. Have you thought about losing your place in the national team?
“I don’t need reassurance, it’s been a tough year but I don’t need reassurance. I’ve always been keen on working and always feel proud to be here and wear this shirt.”

Could Italy and Argentina be the last for other teammates, too? What promise did you make to Mino in your Instagram post?
“I’ll admit it after I kept it… I meant the World Cup, Chiellini would retire and then the others would make their choices in peace. I’m sorry for Chiellini, it would have been the last World Cup.”

Have you talked to Messi?
“Sure, with Messi and Di Maria. When we broke up in Paris after the last race, we talked a little bit about it… They are a great team, and you have to prepare them in the best way.”

Is it inevitable that goalkeepers play with their feet a lot? Can you handle criticism?
“I have broad shoulders and I can manage it, just like I manage praise. It’s part of your job. In the game, it’s normal that you have benefits but sometimes you take a little risk, in some games you take risks a lot becomes complicated and you have to know how to manage certain situations. It has changed. The role is a lot, and I was fortunate enough to work a lot on it already from the youth sector in Milan and I already had the possibility of playing the ball from behind. Certainly in some moments of some matches you don’t have to risk much, football has changed.”

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TMW – It’s been a tough season for you in Paris. While Milan won the Scudetto, are there any regrets about not staying?
“No regrets, I am happy with what Milan did and I wrote to all my teammates. I am happy with what they did but there are no regrets.”

13.43 – The press conference concluded

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