The end of the first time! After conceding the first goal from Lazio, Genoa woke up and created two good chances. In the final, the biancoceleste double arrived which complicated things for the rossoblù: Agostini’s substitutions are expected to try to change fate on the field.

45 three minutes of recovery

44 Bad foul by Accornero on Mango: Officially called by the referee

41 I booked a mango

40 doubles for Lazio! Di Tomaso exchanged Mango with the latter entering the area and hitting Calvani

36 Gonzalez booked

33′ Corner for Genoa: a header by Debenedetti just wide

32 Chance Genoa! Accornero shoots, Magro rebuffs, and puts Arboscello on the back two steps back. Genoa finally recovered from its initial slumber

29′ Gonzalez takes the free kick, Napolitano hits the ball, Calvani hits it

28 ′ Ambrosini is booked for a foul on Fernandez: Lazio free kick from the edge of the area

25 ‘ Cross for DiBenedetti touches Magro on the way out: the goalkeeper stays on the ground, but gets up almost immediately and the game continues

22 Genoa Chance! Accornero Debenedetti serves in the area: the centre-forward leaves his right foot, Magro fights the ball with his body and thwarts the threat

21 ′ Lazio corner, a bicycle kick from Baldi, but the referee whistled for a foul in the attack, a free kick for Genoa.

15′ Genoa is in difficulty while Lazio commands operations: at the moment this is the picture of the game

8′ Lazio goal! The ball is in the area, which Napolitano sends, and Baldi hits, but the ball is rejected, and Gonzalez arrives and defeats Simone Calvani

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7 ‘Also in Lazio, in the last minute, Di Tomaso’s injury forced Rossi to concede

6′ Corner for Genoa, a ball hit by Calvani, Magro saved in two runs

5 ′ Debenedetti hits a ball in the area, but no teammate pins him down, the ball is in a side foul

2′ Napolitano goes down, fouled by Polcano, Lazio’s punishment

1′ Lazio corner, no result

Go to the race!

2.30pm A minute of silence in memory of the Emilia-Romagna flood victims

2.29pm The teams are on the field, Mameli’s anthem is ringing: Everything is ready for the Super Cup match

2.20pm President Alberto Zangrillo, Coach Alberto Gilardino, CEO Andres Blazquez and other members of 777 Partners present in the grandstand.

2.15pm Balella is injured in the warm-up: Tonati is in place.

Formal training

Genoa (4-2-3-1): Simone Calvani; 2 Scaravelli, 5 Gabriele Calvani (captain), 6 Polcano, 3 La Tuccella; 4 Toniato, 8 seedlings; 11 Papadopoulos, 7 Ambrosini, 10 Accornero; 9 Debless. Coach Alessandro Agostini. On the bench: 12 Satanino, 13 Botti, 14 Sarpa, 15 Betino, 16 Gagliardi, 17 Caggia, 19 Mosol, 20 Bornosozov, 21 Casagrande, 22 Bogonovic, 23 Raimondo

Lazio (4-3-3): 1 skinny; 2 Floriani, 3 Bedini, 4 Koulibaly, 5 Dutto; 6 Ruggeri (Captain), 7 Mango, 8 Rossi G; 9 Baldi, 10 Gonzalez, 11 Napolitano. Coach: Stefano Sandera. Off the bench: 12 Maliszewski, 13 Petta, 14 Cesari, 15 Milani, 16 Serra, 17 Rossi G., 18 Rossi A. 19 Bigonzoni, 10 Crespi, 22 Martinelli

Referee: Luca De Angeli (AC Milan).

Assistants: Gilberto Laguizza from Mestre and Manuel Marchese from Pavia

Good afternoon to all the readers of the Rossoblù website at and welcome to the live Supercoppa Primavera 2 match between Genoa and Lazio: the match, played at the Luigi Ferraris stadium, will determine the royal team of the cadet championship. The Rossoppli team led by Mr. Agostini dominated Group A with 72 points and approached the final of the Italian Cup, while the Pianoceleste team won Group Two, ahead of Ascoli with 64 points. The Rossoblù Primavera has not lifted a trophy since 20110 When Grifoncini, then coached by the duo Juric-Coradi, beat Milan 5-0 in front of more than 2,200 spectators. The match between Genoa-Lazio is scheduled to start at 2:30 pm, with the match being directed by Luca De Angeli from the Milan division.

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