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One round before, one set after another: the last matches in two weeks

There are only ninety minutes left At the end of rounds Champions League, the final round which will be decisive for the five teams that have not yet taken off the pass for the Round of 16, Eleven already qualified. Italians: Juventus and Inter I In the round of 16 and plays first placeAtalanta Holds his destiny while Milan After Madrid is done we will have to win and see the result of Porto. among adults outside DortmundBarcelona, ​​too, is at risk of exclusion.

Group A: Manchester City 12 (qualified for the first), Paris Saint-Germain 8 (qualified).RB Leipzig and Brugge 4 (Candidate for the European League).
Next round: Leipzig – Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain – Brugge.
In the event of a tie, Leipzig in the European League has the best goal difference in direct matches (5-0 and 1-2).

Group B: Liverpool 15 (qualifiers and first)Porto 5, Milan 4, Atletico Madrid 4.
Next round: Porto – Atletico Madrid and Milan – Liverpool.
– I will continue to do so if they beat Atletico Madrid or if they draw and Milan does not beat Liverpool.
Milan advances only by beating Liverpool with Porto, stopped by Atletico. In the case of the simultaneous success of the Spanish players, with whom the direct match is tied, the different criteria for the overall difference between goals and away victories (criterion 9 in favor of Atlético) will be eliminated.
– Atletico ahead of Porto, with Milan not beating Liverpool, except for the above condition.
In the event of a tie in both matches, Milan will be eliminated in the European League and Atletico with an overall goal difference.

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Criteria in the event of a tie in live matches:
1: more points in live matches (separate ranking); 2: best goal difference in live matches; 3: more goals scored in live matches; 4: In the case of more teams with equal points, if using the criteria from 1 to 3 two or more teams are still equal, then these criteria are reused considering only the matches between the two teams that are still tied; 5: best group goal difference; 6: the most goals scored in the group; 8: most group wins; 9: Most wins outside the guest in the group; 10: Best Fair Play Conduct; 11: UEFA Best Factor.

Group C: Ajax 15 (qualified and first)And Sporting Lisbon 9 (qualified)Borussia Dortmund 6 (in the Europa League), Besiktas 0 (eliminated).
Next round: Ajax – Sporting Lisbon, Borussia Dortmund – Besiktas.

Group D: Real Madrid 12 (qualified), Inter 10 (qualified).Sheriff Tiraspol 6 (European League), Shakhtar Donetsk 1
Next round: Real Madrid – Inter Shakhtar Donetsk – Sheriff Tiraspol.
Inter will go to Madrid to compete for the first place: without the three points they will remain in second place.

Group E: Bayern Munich 15 (qualifier and first), Barcelona 7, Benfica 5, Dynamo Kiev 1 (elimination).
Next round: Bayern – Barcelona, ​​Benfica – Dynamo Kiev.
In the event of points being equal, Benfica has an advantage over Barcelona in head-to-head matches (3-0 and 0-0).

Group F: Manchester United 10 (qualified first), Villarreal 7, ATALANTA 6, Young Boys 4.
Next round: Atalanta – Villarreal, Manchester United – Young Boys.
Atalanta advances in the event of a victory over the Spaniards in the event of a tie and the victory of Young Boys Gods in the European League for direct confrontations (1-0 and 3-3).

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Group G: Lille 8, Salzburg 7, Seville 6, Wolfsburg 5.
Next round: Wolfsburg – Lille and Salzburg – Seville.
Lille advances in the event of a win or a tie (but also with Coe and a draw in Salzburg – Seville). Salzburg advances in the event of a win or a tie. Seville advances in the event of a win (a draw and Wolfsburg not winning, it goes to the European League). Wolfsburg advances if it wins (in the event of a tie on points with Salzburg, it advances in the head-to-head matches 1-3 and 2-1).

Group H: Chelsea 12 (qualified), Juventus 12 (qualified), Zenit St Petersburg (European League), Malmö (eliminated).
Next round: Zenit – Chelsea and Juventus – Malmo.
Juventus will finish first if they achieve a better result than Chelsea, while they will occupy second place in equal points in direct matches (1-1 and 0-4).

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