Baresi’s first shot, Juventus and Lazio burned. Viola Park, Historic Day Wed

Baresi’s first shot, Juventus and Lazio burned.  Viola Park, Historic Day Wed

Tuesday opener: Empoli’s full-back arrives and we’re working on new targets, starting tomorrow, Comiso in viola history

Here is a Parisian

Fabiano Baresi is the first success in the summer market of Fiorentina. We’re in the details, with the clear recommendations until the contracts are deposited, but the agreement between the two companies is there, the player said yes for a few days, and so it’s just a matter of determining all the different future bonuses that are now an integral part of every transfer, starting with the percentage of return Selling into the future, to performance related to aids and targets and things like that. We start from a base deal of ten million to the top which is about Excellent operation run by GeofridiPlayer’s agent, but also Biraghi and Ranieri’s agent.

Parisi has been treated for a long time before JuventusToday, however, the Bianconeri do not have the money available to Empoli, and they are a serious club that are good at making players grow, but also skilled in negotiations. There is, too Lazio He dribbled a lot, so here’s the proposal to Fiorentina for a role, if you like, for Biraghi to fill: Why don’t you take it Barron and Brady immediately realize that this operation must be made, it is a deal for today and above all for tomorrow, it is a high figure, but it matches the value of the player, Viola takes home a young Italian talent, covering a difficult role. Among the young Parisian leftists It might be the best.

He has been at Empoli for three years and is constantly growing. The Under-21 international, who turns 23 in November, has shown his character and personality, as well as his great attacking ability and defensive ability. Those who know him speak well of him in all respects, he is a boy with a great desire to grow and a very sound mind. We gave him the Maestrelli Cup for Young Italian Talent last year and for what his one night interview is worth, I really felt Almost a football player from other times, unpretentious and solid. Right head.

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What does this unexpected process mean? Only one thing: Fiorentina has serious plans and When there’s a player you like and you get a chance to take them on, Roku doesn’t hold back. The left winger was not in the roles to be reinforced, but the blow took a hit as Fiorentina had the time to enter the difficulties of Juventus and the doubts of Lazio. Obviously also, thanks to the good relationship with Mario Giuffredi who wanted to bring his client to a fair club and in the hands of a coach who can still help him grow. Giuffredi also deals with extensions Biraghi Until 2026 after closing the one with RainierHis other players are in purple.

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