Lecce and Verona 0-1: Live commentary

Lecce and Verona 0-1: Live commentary
  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Ettore Giardinero Stadium – Via del Mare
    City: Lecce
    Capacity: 33,876 spectators10:50

    Ettore Giardinero Stadium - Via del MareFonti: Getty Images
  • Good morning and welcome to the live broadcast of the match between Lecce and Hellas Verona, the match is valid within the 28th round of the Italian League!10:50

  • The goal is to return to the winning ways of a Lecce team led by D'Aversa who, after the last positive result at the beginning of February against Fiorentina, recorded 3 consecutive defeats and a draw on the last day against Frosinone. 12:04

  • Verona emerges with an important win over Sassuolo on the final day and is looking more than ever for points to get out of the relegation zone. There are only two teams between Baroni and Lecce, and with a positive result the yellow team can overtake and regain the lengths to move away from the red zone.12:06

  • Lecce's official formation (4-3-3): Falcone – Gendry, Pacerotto, Pongrasic, Gallo – Gonzalez, Ramadani, Odin – Almqvist, Krstovic, Banda. everyone. From Aversa12:01

  • Verona’s official lineup (4-2-3-1): Montipo – Czachoua, Coppola, Magnani, Cabal – Serdar, Duda – Suslov, Folorunshu, Lazovic – Nuslin. All baronial12:02

  • In attack, Daversa chose Krstovic, in preference to Piccoli, who will start on the bench. The Trident will also consist of Almqvist and Panda. Rafia exits, Odin returns to the midfield with Gonzalez and Ramadani. Pongrasic recovered on defense.12:11

  • Baroni focuses on Nuslin, with Suslov, Folorunscu and Lazovic behind him, and initially one of the heroes of the match against Sassuolo, Swiderski, from the bench. The suspended Dawidovic is absent, and in defense there is Coppola with Magnani, on the sides Cabal and Czachoua.12:08

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  • 1'

    Let's go! The start of the match between Lecce and Hellas Verona. Referee Chevy blows his whistle.12:31

  • 1'

    The Baroni team gets the first corner immediately.12:31

  • 2'

    High winds in Via del Mare: Duda's cross takes a path that frightens Falcone. The ball ends up over the net.12:32

  • 2'

    Verona immediately looks for the shot, after starting so excited at the start of the match. A shot from Central Nusslin was blocked by Falcone.12:33

  • 4'

    Another result from Verona with Lazovic. The ball goes wide.12:35

  • 6'

    Because of Verona's inattention, Krestovich takes advantage of Coppola's hesitation. But then the striker's teammates fell behind and Magnani was allowed to win the ball back.12:39

  • 7'

    The match was paused, and the medical staff stopped for a bleeding nose-bleed.12:38

  • 10'

    Verona again, with a header by Lazovic, blocked by Falcone.12:41

  • 13'

    Folorunsho, left completely alone, hits his head without jumping. High ball.12:44

  • 14'

    There was another lack of interest from Verona's defence, with Montepu ready to block a Banda shot.12:44

  • 15'

    Banda insists again, and Verona's defense quickly shuts him down.12:46

  • 17'

    Gool! Folorunsho! Lecce – Verona 0-1! A shot from the yellow and blue striker who hits the shot centrally from the edge of the area with high quality. Unlucky Pacerotto, who shoots the ball, deflects it, and sends it straight into a corner that Falcone cannot reach.

    Check out Michael Folorunsho's player profile12:48

    Michael FolorunshoMichael Folorunsho
  • 17'

    Assist by Tomas Suslov.12:48

  • 22'

    Chevy whistles a penalty kick for Lecce!12:53

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  • 23'

    VAR checking in progress! The possible touch of Magnani's hand is being evaluated.12:55

  • 23'

    Make sure it's not a penalty! At the moment of refusal, his hands were attached to Magnani's body. 12:55

  • 24'

    Cabal somehow clears the poison ball into the penalty area. 12:54

  • 28'

    Montebo! Odin's shot was blocked by Chachua, and the Verona goalkeeper was forced to raise it over the crossbar.12:59

  • 29'

    A third cross in a row for Lecce, who continues to fend off potentially dangerous attacks.13:00

  • 31'

    Lecce crossroads! Almqvist's left-footed shot hits the crossbar! What an opportunity!13:02

  • 33'

    Verona's free kick plan is not very effective. 13:04

  • 34'

    Poorly controlled Banda who was ahead of his opponents. The striker loses the ball. 13:04

  • 37'

    Lamek Banda has been booked and will miss the trip to Salerno.13:07

  • 41'

    Folorunsho crosses nervously into the area looking for Nusslen, who does not read well and goes too far towards goal.13:13

  • 41'

    Duda is accused of swearing, which directly strikes Almqvist.13:14

  • 42'

    Coppola's physicality stops Banda without making a mistake.13:14

  • 43'

    Amonito Jackson Chachua.13:13

  • 44'

    Another great save from Montipo! Krstovic's header immediately cleared the Verona goalkeeper! What an opportunity!13:15

  • 45'

    Two minutes of stoppage time were reported. 13:15

  • 45'+1'

    Lecce asks for another touch inside the penalty area, the referee indicates there is nothing. Cabal keeps his arms connected to his body.13:17

  • 45'+2'

    Lecce insists on the end of the first half. Corner for the hosts.13:17

  • 45'+3'

    The end of the first half! Lecce – Hellas Verona 0-1. Folorunsho's goal was saved by Bashiruto.13:18

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  • A more aggressive approach from Verona who were more proactive than their opponents from the first minutes of the match. Folorunsho opened the scoring around the 20th minute, his shot blocked by Bascheruto, who was decisive in sending the ball into the corner that Falcone was unable to reach. Lecce improved during the first half and became dangerous from set-pieces, with a curling shot from Almqvist ending up on the crossbar and a curling effort from Krestovic saved by Montepu. End of the first half 1-0 to Verona.13:18

  • Lecce improved during the first half and will have to return to the field at the same pace as after the half-hour mark, especially since Verona showed more aggression in the first part of the match. It is possible that Piccoli, who is good at turning matches around, will sit on the bench. The squad available to Baroni is long and he can count on Tavsan, Bonazzoli, Henry and Sviderski to help his team breathe.13:19

  • Statistical pill: Since the start of 2024, Michael Folorunsho is the player who has scored the most goals from outside the penalty area in the top five European leagues (three). 13:19

  • 45'

    Let's start again! The start of the second half of the match between Lecce and Hellas Verona.13:34

  • 46'

    Lecce was immediately aggressive and got the first corner of the second half.13:35

  • 46'

    No changes, the same 22 players return to the field.13:37

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