His empire is in serious danger

His empire is in serious danger

Between real fears and risks: Elon Musk may end up like Steve Jobs. What happens to his empire?

Parallel lives. 1985 is a landmark date In the world of technology and outside it. Year started from apple Under the leadership of its genius inventor, Steve JobsWhich ended without the visionary inventor of the world's most famous bitten apple.

Elon Musk may end up like Steve Jobs: the status quo

Yes, Steve Jobs was fired That year by Apple for rather complex reasons which can be summarized, clarified (over time) and simplified into a concept that can be traced back to strong disagreements and different views towards the CEO at that time, but above allBoard of Directors From the Cupertino giant.

It was not a farewell, as Apple could not do without the absolute genius of Steve Jobs, who was asked to return, loudly and this time unanimously. Eleven years later, to rebuild Apple and make it (what it is) one of the most unique and rare companies and brands. The parallel can be transferred to the new millennium with Elon Musk.

What if Elon Musk was seriously fired from his own company?

Let's be clear, no one wants to compare Steve Jobs to Elon Musk: no way. But what happened in the life of the genius from San Francisco could happen to the miser McDuck in the new millennium, the son of the world: a South African with Canadian citizenship and naturalized in the United States. The businessman arrived Imagine this scenarioAnd he admitted it franklyTesla's latest earnings call.

Steve Jobs and the separation from Apple
Elon Musk fears he will be fired like Steve Jobs – photo ANSA – Computer-idea.it

The joke is half a joke about the board of directors of the super company specializing in electric cars. He jokingly compared (who knows how much) to the extremist group ISISfull of “Hacktivists“And with”Strange thoughts“It did not go unnoticed.

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I don't want to control the board of directors, But if I have very little influence on Tesla In this sentence, I can be excluded Tomorrow from the shareholder advisory firmThis phrase didn't go unnoticed either, and was clearly picked up by the entire international press. One of his usual concerns? Maybe.

The truth is that Elon Musk is the “big face” of Tesla, but even if he is Its largest shareholder And touching, It has only 13% Company. With his hands in the mix almost everywhere: from Twitter (which he now calls… X), l Neuralink (Only the first chip was implanted in a human) in passing SpaceX. Elon Musk also has other goals: to become a pioneer in the iartificial intelligenceE from Robotics.

In fact, at Tesla's recent earnings call, he explained that without a minimum 25% stake in the company, We will build artificial intelligence products And Robots elsewhere. What if the board doesn't agree because it fears (possibly) another Type X failure and in the face of this it's either/or firing Musk. The same thing happened with Jobs.

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