World Cup Qatar 2022, FIFA opens the procedures for confronting Ecuador. From Chile: “Italy at the World Cup”

World Cup Qatar 2022, FIFA opens the procedures for confronting Ecuador.  From Chile: “Italy at the World Cup”

FIFA has officially announced that it has opened a procedure regarding the Chile-Ecuador match, which is a valid South American qualifier for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. In recent days, the Chilean Football Association announced, in a press release, that it had submitted an appeal to the “body Global Football Administration for the benefit of The Byron Castillo case. The football player, who was posted by Ecuador to various qualifying matches, according to the Chilean accusation, was to present a forged birth certificate: he would not only have been born on a different date from the announced date, but also would have been born in Colombia. Not in Ecuador.

war byron castillo offenbar nicht spielberechtigt

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That’s why FIFA’s answer arrived today with an official statement that you can read on this link Which we will translate in full below.

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FIFA press release

As recently confirmed by FIFA, the Chilean Football Association submitted a complaint to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, filing various accusations regarding the possible falsification of documents granting Ecuadorean citizenship to the player Byron David Castillo Segura, as well as any failure to comply with the said player’s criteria for recall to participate with the Ecuadorean national football team (FEF) in eight qualifying matches, corresponding to the preliminary stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. In light of the foregoing, FIFA has decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings in relation to the possible breach by Byron David Castelo-Segura of the recall criteria for the matches indicated. In this context, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FEF) and the Peruvian Football Association have been invited to present their positions before the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. More details will be provided below“.

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From Chile: Italy, not Chile, in the World Cup instead of Ecuador

In South America, this condition continues to hold. Ecuador finished fourth in the qualifying track, thus taking the last of the four that belong to South America. Chile demands that Ecuador be denied the results of the eight qualifying matches that Castillo played, the opponent automatically awards three points for each game. If the disciplinary committee agrees to the accusation, Chile will qualify for the 2022 World Cup against Ecuador.

However, the situation is not very mechanical and from Chile itself a hypothesis arises that may interest Italy. If FIFA excludes Ecuador directly, with a direct expulsion of the team, the vacated place will have to be reset according to the ranking criterion. At that point, sixth place in the FIFA Azzurri ranking made Mancini the best team to have not qualified for the World Cup. Hence the first team to hunt. This is why classmates Aztec channel relayFrom their point of view, They sound the alarm.

Italy into the World Cup really?

The odds behind everything seem very low. It is true that according to the regulations it is possible that they will be expelled, but this type of practice, if confirmed, risks more than anything else for Ecuador the imposition of possible fines or penalties for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. Anyway, “never say never”, especially given that FIFA has in the case of exceptions In its organization a full estimate on the issue of rebootingArticle 6, which reads as follows:If any Association withdraws or is disqualified from competition, FIFA will decide the matter in its sole discretion and take any action it deems necessary.“.

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So let’s see what the official FIFA procedures will lead to. Which so far has become real and thus effectively turns into news to follow after many weeks of suggestions.

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