Italy in the final with France in women’s frustration, bad figure of the sword. Starting at 3:00 p.m. to clinching medals – OA Sport

Italy in the final with France in women’s frustration, bad figure of the sword.  Starting at 3:00 p.m. to clinching medals – OA Sport

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12.23 Thank you for sticking with this long day of sports buddy assaults with us! We’re giving you an appointment a few minutes before 3:00 PM to catch the men’s and women’s SWORD Test Finals together: Team Blue’s Dream Team is on the hunt for the Continental Gold Medal! Thanks and see you later!

12.18 Below is a photo of the women’s fencing semi-finals:

Italia-Germany 45-23
France– Poland 45-28

Bronze Medal Final: Germany – Poland, at 15.00
final gold: Italy and France, about 4.40 pm

12.15 France is close to closing the case…

12.12 Transalpine Five strokes from the final in the women’s team foil: Poland under 40-27.

12.09 In the meantime, the men’s sword scoreboard has been decided, and here are the results of the semi-finals:

France-Hungary 35-45
turkey-Ukraine 43-45

Bronze Medal Final: Turkey – France, around 4.00 pm
final gold: Hungary – Ukraine, about 5.45 pm

12.07 France is currently leading 37-24!

12.06 Cowardly expectations are fully respected: the tricolor quartet is unparalleled! Ariana Ergo, Martina Favarito, Francesca Palumbo and Alice Volpi are now waiting for the Poland-France winner: let’s take a look at the progress of the match!

45-23, the end of the games! Blue flowers on podium in Europe, the challenge over gold in the afternoon!

44-21, MATCH-POINT ITALY! 1 point and you’ll be safe in silver!

43-21, double tap Ebert, but it’s too late!

43-19, there is no one!

42-19, Italy again! Semi-final victory for our fencers!

41-19, Ariana scored!

40-19, very fast stabs by Favarito! It’s up to Ariana Erigo to close the games, Leonie Ebert for her!

38-19, Sawyer finds goal, Italy have double the points now…

38-18, the German does not react.

37-18, suffered five hits and Sawyer did not score zero!

35-18, 10 hits to the finish line! One step medal!

34-18, another winning batch! Today’s Martina is a steam machine…

33-18, Martina Favarito earned the first point for attacking Ann Sawyer.

Meanwhile, we report that France dominates Poland (25-11): a looming derby with cousins ​​across the Alps in the final chapter…

32-18, Palumbo takes patch, timeout. Heroes change.

31-18, Best attack in the semi-finals so far for Bear.

31-17, Behr responses.

31-16 Stuttgart signed by Palumbo!

30-16, the German is trying to extricate herself.

30-15, Francesca Palumbo gives a point to opponent Leandra Beer.

30-14, Here’s the Thing: Continental Silver Ariana Erigo wins that attack too!

29-14, blow in the exchange.

28-13, Errigo doesn’t give up an inch!

27-13, Sawyer plunges again.

27-12, Ariana’s response is immediate!

25-12, Teutonic goal.

Ariana Erigo Ann Sawyer’s Next Challenge.

25-11 Air Force duelist closes accounts!

23-11, Ebert tried to put a piece on him, Italy fell 10 points in a row!

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23-10, Palumbo on armor after the first slightly opaque attack!

22-10, another blow to the new European champion!

At 21-10, Francesca Palumbo returns to the podium: Leonie Ebert for her.

20-10, part of 5-0 Germany returned in the score! Martina is very good!

18-10, Treviso class 2001 dominates the attack!

17-10, another winning boost!

16-10, Martina looks like she’s doing pretty well today!

15-10, here’s the slash! Champions change, on the podium of Martina Favarito against Lindra Beer.

He is recovering!

Some technical problems for Anne Sauer, who has already made her corner twice. Palumbo lacks a jab to end the assault.

14-10 Francesca on goal!

13-10, part 1-8 Germanic …

12-8, Palumbo is at a loss, the margin that Favarito and Erigo put on the farm is fading…

12-6, Sawyer plunges again.

12-5, the third straight point for the German.

12-4, Sauer is not there and trying to fix.

12-2, double-digit feature!

11-2, Palumbo makes his debut in the best way!

10-2, the attack on Italy is going smoothly! Now it’s up to Francesca Palumbo vs. Ann Sawyer.

9-2, two more shots on goal: an important part at the start in favor of Al-Azraq!

7-2, Ariana Erigo also approached the podium in the right spirit: two consecutive hits by Leandra Beer.

5-2, Favarito on Ebert, the match starts well!

11.14: Alice Volpe should not shoot again. Physically, Tuscany was not at its best before the European Championships. There will be Erigo, Palumbo and Favarito.

11.10: We are waiting for the start of the match between Italy and Germany, the women’s fencing semi-final.

10.40: These are the semi-finals of Sword of Men’s Sword

Hungary and France
Turkey and Ukraine

10.38: Set at 11.00 with the women’s chips semi-finals

Italy and Germany
Poland and France

10.35: Turkey eliminated Italy in the men’s sword quarter-finals. A truly unacceptable defeat for the Blue Quartet is a huge disappointment. Too bad the two young men as well as “veteran” Kuratoli.

36-44 Turkey to a knockout of the semi-finals.

36-43 Two hits by Curatuli.

34-43 Nothing to do. Three consecutive hits by the Turk.

34-42 Almost finished!

34-41 He was hit on the spot by Yildirim.

34-40 We are not there! Now we really need a miracle from Kuratoli against Yildirim.

33-39 Gallo back to -6. Really complicated situation.

31-38 Italy disaster! We’re down by seven strokes. Only the miracle of Kuratuli can save us.

30-35 Turkey dreams of an exciting victory over Italy. Now Gallo vs. Aslan.

28-33 A very difficult moment for Italy. Tori also suffers from partial negativity.

28-30 Bad attack by Gallo against Yildirim (3-13) and Italy under 30-28.

28-28 Yildirim gets ready. Tough moment for Gallo.

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10.23: Italy leads 28-25 against Turkey.

10.17: Italy now awaits another quarter-final winner between Germany and Spain (30-15 for the Germans at the moment).

10.16: Fioritieste in the semi-finals! Comfortable 45-20 opens the way to the podium for Italy.

10.14: Michel Gallo makes his team competition debut at the European Championships. Italy leads 9-15.

10.12: 40-18 for Blue Foil players. There are five strikes to go to the semi-finals.

10.10: Very good Pietro Torri, who takes out 5-2 and puts Italy 10-6 ahead of Turkey.

10.08: Luca Coratoli closed the first attack on Aslan with a score of 5-4

10.06: Italy at 12-35. The Blues are very close to qualifying for the semi-finals.

10.05: The quarterfinals at Saber Men also started. Italy versus Turkey.

10.01:30-10 for Italy in control of Romania.

9.58: Palumbo comfortably maintained an advantage for Italy. 9-25 for blue.

9.55: 5-0 final by Martina Favarito vs Savino. Italy is in complete control. 20-7.

9.53: Palumbo dominates Calugariano, Italy flying at 15-7.

9.50: Errigo extended 10-6 for Italy. The challenge must be to master the color blue.

9.45: 5-4 in favor of Favarito after the first attack on Corbo. Now it will be up to Errigo and Saveanu.

9.40: The challenge between Italy and Romania begins. Alice Volpi will remain at ease. Martina Favarito and Emilia Corbo are now on the podium.

9.37: Saber Men’s Quarter-Final has been decided

Hungary and Poland
Romania and France
Italy and Turkey
Ukraine and Germany

9.35: Too short on the podium against Romania.

9.34: Turkey wins! Secret of the team that defeats Georgia 45-42 and will face Italy.

9.33: Crazy Pazadze! 43-42 for Turkey, but the Georgian now believes in a landslide victory.

9.30: Sandro Pazadze tries a great comeback. He was less than 40-31 years old and is now behind the Turk by four bullets. 42-38.

9.22: Turkey surprisingly advanced 36-28.

9.20: Georgia and Turkey on the men’s Saber podium. Whoever wins will join Italy in the quarter-finals.

9.05: Quarter-finals at 9.30

Italy and Romania
Spain and Germany
Hungary and Poland
Ukraine and France

8.59: Romania imposes itself 45-38 on Austria and will face Italy in the quarter-finals.

8.53: Poland (45-24 to Turkey) and Ukraine (45-23 to Great Britain) have already qualified for the quarter-finals.

8.50: Romania stretches. 38-28 for the Romanians who watched the quarter-final against Italy.

8.44: Austria loses to Romania. 29-25 for the Romanians.

8.35: Challenge update is currently in progress

Romania-Austria 19-26
Poland – Turkey 16-35
Ukraine and Georgia 14-33

8.26: Romania lead 18-12 against Austria in the fifth attack.

8.19: In the second round of the Round of 16, Poland and Ukraine easily beat Turkey and Georgia.

8.15: Austria shortens to 12-8.

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8.05: Romania easily leads 11-4 against Austria.

8:00: The start of the round of 16 attacks in the women’s team trial. Special interest in Romania and Austria, from which the name of the opponent of Italy will appear.

7.50: Later also swords on the platform. They are also starting from the quarter-finals and will immediately have to face all odds against Georgia (against Turkey in the second round) defending champion Sandro Pazadze.

7.44: Interest in the semi-finals is a potential crossover with Germany’s Leonie Ebert, the European champion, and Anna Sauer. It will not be a small challenge and the best of Italy will be required. At the bottom of the scoreboard, France shouldn’t have too many problems getting to the final.

7.42: Italy is the top seed and will start its journey already from the quarter-finals, facing the winner of the eighth final match between Romania and Austria.

7.38: Ariana Irigo, Alice Volpi, respectively silver and bronze in the singles, Francesca Palumbo and Martina Favaretto take off the podium.

7.35: There are high expectations in Italy, especially for the Foil players. The Blues present themselves at the starting line as a team to beat and everything seems to lead, given Russia’s absence as well, to a duel with France.

7.32: The women’s chips and men’s sword team competition program opened today.

7.30: We start the live broadcast of the fourth day of the European Fencing Championships in Antalya.

Good morning, OA Sport friends, and welcome to the live stream of the 2022 European Fencing Championships. Turkish platforms Antalya Team competitions open their doors: It’s up to chip and sword masters to challenge each other In the tests assigned to the quad.

The ambitions of the Wissam Al-Azuri in both areas, but Vice Olympic Champion Luigi Samelli will not be at the starting line After forfeiting in a single event: Giovanni Repetti replaces him. Together with him are Luca Coratoli, Michel Gallo and Pietro Torri.

Tin specialists Ariana Erigo, Martina Favarito, Francesca Palumbo and Alice Volpi Fear no one thanks to the excellent seasonal results: Targeting the highest step of the podium, toOn the other hand, there is no competitor to the Italian fencing tradition in this weapon.

Fencing: Genoa will host the European Championship 2025

Everyone is on the podium at 8.00 Italian time, and the semi-finals and final will start at 17.30. Watch the live broadcast sponsored by OA Sport If you do not want to miss a single attack: may today turn out to be a glorious day. see you later and have fun

Photo: La Presse

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