MotoGp, Quartararo on Pecco: “Such breakdowns should not be reviewed”

MotoGp, Quartararo on Pecco: “Such breakdowns should not be reviewed”

Barcelona, ​​September 3, 2023 – Everyone is worried about the fall of Pico Bagnaia On the first lap of the Catalan Grand Prix A.S Barcelona. Fortunately the Ducati rider, and world champion, is in good health but the scare was great when we saw him jump off the bike as the whole group arrived, with Brad binder which he could not avoid by hitting him on the leg. Bagnaia is fine, he didn’t suffer any fractures, and most importantly, he didn’t lose consciousness. It goes well when seeing the dynamics of the fall. But that is exactly what Fabio complained about, with the many restarts also shown to the riders Quartararo.

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“We are forced to review the waterfalls.”

Biko’s fall was clearly visible both in the live recording and in the replay, which people did not like. Quartararo. The Frenchman asks for less frequent bad falls especially to family members and colleagues. Fabio’s thoughts: “I almost hit Picot – his words – I saw the accident well but the thing that has to change completely is that in the pits we are forced to review crashes over and over again. It shouldn’t be like this, it applies to us colleagues and it applies to families. I put myself the place of Pico’s parents or any other contestant.” Tough day in terms of accidents given that in addition to Bagnaia there was a crash with the other Ducati rider Enya Bastianini Who hit all the riders who were next to him: “He hit five of them, he was on the inside and certain things could happen. It was his fault but bad luck,” Quartararo commented. Then there was the race and for Yamaha There were small steps forward. Fabio’s seventh place can be seen as enough in a season in which M1’s competitiveness has collapsed in the presence of the European brands: “I think it was a good day – Quartararo analysis – We are back to last year’s base in the warm-up”. And the decision is rewarded. I managed to get a good pace and that satisfies me, but it’s not the first time we’ve come back to do something different.” Quartararo A year ago he won in Barcelona, ​​while now he can at most fight for a top-10 finish. The difference is obvious, and for the Frenchman there is always the usual phrase: on the Misano tests he will understand the level of the new M1. In the meantime, we have to accept the new situation that does not allow Fabio to fight for victories and podiums. A more Zen-like approach, and he knows full well his bike can do more: “It’s hard mentally to go from winning six seconds early to seventh place ten seconds in arrears. It’s tough, but Yamaha He knows how important tests are for Misano.” The date is September 11th, the day after the Rimini Riviera Grand Prix which, as always, concludes the motorcycling season.

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How is Bagnaia after the accident in Catalunya: latest news.

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