Live transfer market, all negotiations and deals today live

Live transfer market, all negotiations and deals today live

Five days to go market Of reformLook for reinforcements to face the final push in Serie A and in the top five European leagues. Read real-time updates and today's news on purchases and sales of Italian and foreign teams.


Carragher: Xabi Alonso or De Zerbe after Klopp

Jamie Carragher, in a live broadcast on Sky Sports, expressed his opinion about the ideal replacement for Klopp on the Liverpool bench: “Xabi Alonso or De Zerbe would represent the ideal solutions.”


Perez against Napoli: the point

Perez from Udinese is in Napoli's goal, but first Østegaard's position on the list must be cleared. Ciro Ferrara has explained why he believes he is the right signing for the Azzurri (Read everything).


Guardiola talks about Klopp's farewell to Liverpool

It's not just the players' market. An important seat has been vacated and there is a coach with an impressive free CV: This is how Guardiola commented on Klopp’s announcement, who revealed that he will leave Liverpool at the end of the season (Laws everyone).


The future of De Laurentiis and Mourinho

Yesterday, Aurelio De Laurentiis also spoke about Mourinho's future, ruling out the possibility of him being at Napoli.Laws everyone).


Italian League, possible lineup

Five days until the end of the market. Meanwhile, we're playing in Serie A: possible lineups (Read everything).

10 o'clock

Castro's first words as a Bologna player

“I am grateful that an agreement can be reached to continue the Olympic preparatory tournament.”. Thus, Argentine striker Santi Castro was sold by Velez to Bologna, after he went to Buenos Aires for tests and returned to Venezuela for the training camp.

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Europe's top scorers last month

Goals and the transfer market: Ranking of the best scorers in Europe in the past month (Laws everyone).


Cagliari, the poignant memory of Riva

Not just the transfer market. The Italian League continues and in Cagliari the silence of Gigi Riva's Spirit of Sardinia was poignant (Laws everyone).


Farewell to De Laurentiis and Osimhen

Aurelio de Laurentiis' words at the end of the league meeting, in which he announced Osimhen's farewell to Napoli, still raise debate (Laws everyone).


Mbappe vs Real Madrid

Mbappe towards Real Madrid: Here are the salary numbers (Laws everyone).


Lazio, Cambiaggi blocked: yes to Bernardeschi

Lazio and Cambiaggi banned by Empoli: Sarri says yes to Bernardeschi (Laws everyone).


Rome, the road to Baldanze

Rome, the route is traced to reach Baldanze (Laws everyone).


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