Lady Diana, do you want a wedding like her dream? Heres how to do it

Lady Diana, do you want a wedding like her dream?  Heres how to do it

Royal family fans will be able to experience the best day of their lives just as Lady Diana did. Here’s how to organize a fantasy wedding

The marriage between Lady Diana and Prince Charles was one of the most closely watched celebrations of all time. In addition to the 3,500 guests, television broadcasters from around the world filmed the royal wedding live. According to BBC estimates, the ceremony was watched live by 750 million people: a truly staggering number, especially considering that the event took place long before the advent of the Web, which connects all the cities of the planet with greater ease. The wedding took place, in fact, on July 29, 1981.

The “century wedding“As it was defined, it was over after ten years, but that day remained forever in the imagination of the world. Lady Diana’s iconic dress was one of the most important elements of this magical event, as well as the beauty of the dress. The length was absolutely stunning: 7.62 meters. Record length, given To that it is still the longest dress worn during royal weddings.Designed by two very young designers, the couple David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, who were not even thirty years old.At that time the celebration and reception venues were also great: Charles and Diana got married, in fact, in St. Paul the Magnificent in London and organized a banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Dream wedding like Lady Diana: Now you can

Repeating such an event seemed impossible, but now everyone can do it. Indeed, from September 2, it will be possible to marry in a context very similar to the one just described. In the luxury mall The shops in CrystalIn Las Vegas, twelve rooms will be created, all dedicated to the unforgettable Princess of Wales. In one of these, as stated RepublicYou can get married for real. It’s not your typical Vegas wedding, although it would be something a lot more fancy.

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In the magnificent room set up for wedding purposes, couples who are getting married will live an experience practically identical to that of the original. There will be a paper copy of Lady D’s dress, practically the same as the original. The reproduction was created by the famous Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave. Curator, David Corelli, revealed to the magazine People, that getting married in that room would be a truly unique experience. Those who want to experience the thrill will have to book the event on the exhibition’s official website Princess Diana: Greetings Gallery.

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