Change of ownership, if you do it in these municipalities, you will save a lot of money: who would have thought that

Change of ownership, if you do it in these municipalities, you will save a lot of money: who would have thought that

Buying a car will not be our only expense, having to maintain it, in fact, between transfer of ownership and road tax will not be cheap at all.

Change of ownership –

According to various calculations, in fact, on average, excluding funds for the purchase of a car, We will be able to spend about 1,600 euros. The situation, according to 2019 data, will be even more serious In Campania where the average spending rises to 2110 euros.

Thus, one of the regions that held below the national average is Liguria It would cost €1,500 to keep the car “only”. It is clear that every motorist will do everything in his power to save as much as possible on his car.

We won’t have to forget about the ownership change procedure after buying the car

for example We can compare prices of different insurance companies online Hence choose the cheapest one. Not only that, there are many who depend on itBuying a used car.

According to a market survey conducted bysecond hand economics observatoryBetween June 2019 and 2020 there was an increase in the sale of used cars by 6.6%. Last year, in fact, The used car market has reached 12 billion euros.

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As we mentioned, among the many expenses that we will incur even after purchase, there are Transfer of ownership. The latter serves to make the sale success final and official.

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In fact, once the purchase is completed, we will necessarily have to register as new owners of the car. Among other things, we will also have to request a file update Vehicle registration certificate. However, not everyone knows that The price of the latter may vary from province to province.

Not all municipalities will have the same rates

It will be enough, then, to contact the sites Aci . County See cost estimates for registration services General motor record information. To make the procedure correct, we will have to go to the selected municipality for signatures within sixty days of termination of the contract.

So, for these operations, we will have fixed costs and some of them will depend on the county to be paid. for example Transfer stamp costs €32 And it has, moreover, another contribution 27 € to pay for the PRA . service.

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To update the registration certificate, an additional contribution of €26.20 will be required. However, the biggest expense is relocation tax This will depend on the actual power of our car.

In fact, we have a fixed fee to be paid which will go up to 53 for each additional kilowatt. In this sense, each region has decided its own supplement. for example In Friuli Venezia Giulia it will cost less than in Calabria.

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